Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally on the Road

The dogs seem to know that something was up today.
Bubba sat there on the couch just looking, while Skruffy got up on the table to watch what was going on outside.

Today went as we thought it would.  Got up for church, went to breakfast with Marcia’s brother Mike and Granddaughter Alisa.  Alisa and her boyfriend Chris brought dinner over to us Saturday night and we had a nice visit then too.

We did finish up everything yesterday.  It took two trips to the Condo, but only because we had kept two chairs at the house to sit down on when we got tired while cleaning.  So after we cleaned up the house, got everything into the motor home or over to the condo, we took our showers and awaited our dinner delivery, which was from Applebee’s, and was real good.

One last time out on the lawn…and it was time to go.

The trip up to I-10 was uneventful.  Stopped at the one rest area along highway 19 near Perry, and the dogs got a good walk.  Both Skruffy and Bubba just really love this part of the travel….sniffing all the ground that other dogs have traveled before them.

We stopped at a Flying J just west of Tallahassee, and saw first hand the phenomenon in Florida known as the “Love Bugs”.   Now our motorhome was not doing too bad.  We had hit a little rain just north of the Rest Area along highway 19, which cleaned much of our window.  There was around ten left on the window and the front of the motor home….which was much better than the guy who pulled in next to us at the Flying J.  They had hundreds, and this is not an exaggeration, hundred of dead love bugs all over the front of their pearly white motor home.  Both the Mr and the Mrs spent a long time cleaning them all off.  When we left to go over to the truck area to fill up tires with air, they were still cleaning away.  We kind of felt sorry for them…I think they would have faired much better had they had a bra on the front of their motorhome.  Only wish I had a picture of it….but why add insult to injury, if you know what I mean.

About 30 more miles west is the rest area we are staying at tonight.
We parked right next to a Winnebago in the second slot.  They have dogs too, so this should go just fine.  We are hoping that another RV will pull in next to us, which will insult us from any trucks.  As it is now (8:30 pm) the nearest truck is about 10 slots over…now if it stays this way, we will love this stop.
Chances are this will not happen because this rest area serves both east and west bound traffic.  It is two levels, and there is LOTS of room for cars in the upper level.  After Marcia and I were married but she was spending some of her time in Florida while I finished up my work in Arkansas, I would stay at this rest area for a few hours…but I was in a car, and as I said, there is lots of parking for cars.  Thank goodness that all Florida rest areas have night security, so we always feel safe at a rest area in Florida.


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    1. Thank you. Looks like you two are enjoying Capitol Reef. You just gotta love Utah! Lived there for four years, but never did make it down to Capitol Reef. It is on our list, that is for sure.


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