Sunday, June 30, 2013

Melting Zone

Ok, so everyone seems to be talking about the heat…who has it the worst, who has been able to find a way out of it, who can find some unique, or not so unique, way to cope with it.  Sacramento’s all time “high”, according to various sites, is 115 degrees.  Tomorrow the forecast was for 111 degrees, now changed to 109 degrees with the 111 degrees now forecast for Tuesday…of course, this call can change by the hour.

During one summer of the early 1970’s, the plan was to ride my 10 speed bike from South Sacramento to Jackson California, about 50 miles away…..I made it as far as Sutter Creek, about 45 miles.  Although I left around 5:30 in the morning, temperatures rose to well over 100 degrees that day by noon.  Heat exhaustion had taken its toll.  Thank goodness mom and dad were willing to drive over to pick me up…..although another lesson I learned that day was, if you give it an hour or so, your body, at least a young person’s body, will recover as long as you haven’t totally over done it.  The first lesson of the day, don’t do a 50 mile bike ride when temps are going to be over 100.  The second lesson of the day, mom and dad don’t care how old you are, even when you are an adult they will come to your rescue if you are stranded somewhere…and if they are able to help.

Now the roles are reversed, we have time to visit, help, and enjoy mom and dad while they are, let’s say, just a bit older than they use to be….but just as generous and kind as before….and still wanting to to “help” as they can.


Which brings me to the meat of the subject here….the extreme heat.  Mom and Dad drove up to Loomis yesterday to see our new to us motorhome, and to take Marcia and I out to breakfast at this fabulous local restaurant called “The Ugly Mug Cafe”.  Wonderful little place, owned and operated by a lady who use to be a waitress there…but that is another story that you can read for yourself by clicking on the above link.  Anyway, after arguing about who was going to pay, and the waitress thinking that “I” would give her a better tip than “mom”, we left the café and I told them, as they dropped us off, that they should not plan on going outside again until it cools down in a few days.  The bitter heat had hit, and Sunday through Tuesday, perhaps later, are going to be REAL REAL HOT.

So you might want to think about this…..First, can you endure the heat?  If not, stay inside.  If you can endure the heat, then how about helping out those who cannot endure it.

And remember…this does not apply only to people.
Keep cool folks….Have a wonderful HOT week.

And do all you can to keep from having a melt down…..


  1. Love, love, love your sense of humor. Yep, since I don't have air conditioning on my rig I'm staying put until the temps go down. Then, I'm going to make a run for the Oregon Coast!

    All this heat reminds me of the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of OZ - I'm melting... ;-)

    1. Let me tell you....this dry heat of California is way more tolerable then the hot HUMID air in Florida, or all over the South for that matter. Enjoy Oregon, and if you happen to drive through NorCal, let us know.

      And speaking of sense of humor, your blog can be very humorous at times too. I just love it. ( --Dave

  2. Amen to hot and humid! Been there, done that!

    1. Wish we were in Park City right now too....I remember some hot days in that part of Utah.....but the nights were always nice and cool with NO humidity. Thank goodness Sacramento does not have much humidity during the summer either....10-20% humidity is way better than the 75-80% humidity back home in Florida.

  3. How quickly we forgot all the discomfort with humid weather while spending a year in the west. We are not enjoying it one bit. Luckily, the temps and humidity have come down for us in Missouri.

    Glad you are getting this time with your parents:)

    Don't melt in Sacramento! Remember, it is a dry heat...haha!

    1. You going to stick around St. Louis past Friday? The Cards will be back in town Friday, that is one nice stadium they have there. As for mid-west heat, I lived in Arkansas for 22+ years, so I know how it feels -- and then some. Arkansas is much worse than Missouri. --Dave

  4. Hi Dave and Marcia - Just happened on to your blog after visiting Desert Diva. We're neighbors. I live in Roseville; have just last week bought a new (to me) 2001 Fleetwood Flair and am getting ready to head out with my Standard Poodle, Lacy, and two cats, Lincoln and Eleanor to see the whole US and Canada too. I plan to leave in the beginning of August - that is IF I live through this heat wave and IF my new RV doesn't melt! Love to hear from you two like-minded folks. I'll bet you have lots of RV adventures to share...

    1. Nice to hear from you Mary-Pat...I have seen you comment over on Desert Diva's site. We did a big 23 state trip last year, and after visiting with family for the next eight months or so, with some side trips here and there, we plan to go across Canada next summer, and down through New England in the fall....although we have also been bouncing around the idea of going to Alaska next summer instead. I don't know if you have seen many of the areas we visited last year, you might want to browse through the June-September portion of the blog. At the bottom we have maps to show where we stayed too.

      Good luck, and nice hearing from you. If you wish to do a dry run to the RV park here to test out your unit, be sure to let us know. We are in site #35. --Dave


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