Monday, July 1, 2013

Prescott Mourns

When I started working in a Public Library in Arkansas in January, 1991, Roger started working there the same day.  After working for a “Boss from Hell” for just over two years, Roger could not take it anymore and moved on to Fort Smith where he worked for around ten years.  I went on to take over from the aforementioned boss, where I worked for another 19 years as the Library Director – while Roger moved to Prescott Arizona about eleven years ago as the Assistant Library Director.  Last year he was promoted to the Library Director position.  It is with this background and connection that has prompted me to write this.

I saw this picture of the “Hotshot crew” from Prescott….honestly they look like a bunch of young local boys who were barely into their manhood.  Young boys who surely went to local schools, got their hair cut at local barber shops, ate at local restaurants, shopped at local stores, met young local girls whom some married, worshiped in local churches, and I am sure many of them, if not all, had used the Prescott Public Library.  Surely some had families of their own…young children who perhaps used the Library, even attending story times.  Of these young men in the picture, taken from the Prescott website, I have no idea how many of them were working yesterday….how many of them are being mourned for today.  But I feel for the community, for the huge loss the City of Prescott is facing, for the loss in the hearts of so many mothers, fathers, wives and children, friends.  Heroes?  You bet they were…as are the firefighters who came before them, and those who are left behind.  Thanks go out to not only firefighters, but to police, our troops, emergency medical folks….to all those who make this a better place to live.  Today, I pray that the Almighty will send Angles to comfort those who are in need…



  1. Yes, They are Heros! And our thoughts and prayers go out to the community.

  2. While I have no words to express my sadness - I do pray that God will comfort the family and friends that these brave people left behind.

  3. Oh, my. It was such sad news; they're being prayed for all over the World. We can't give enough credit to the wonderful fire men and women and emergency response fire fighters. What a loss - for all of us; but especially for their families and loved ones. My local fire station is just a block away - their flag will be at half staff for a long while - in remembrance of their brothers in Arizona.


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