Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pioneer RV Park, Quincy California


So last night while we were all gathered around a table at Felipe's Mexican Restaurant on Auburn Blvd for dinner, my sister Patti asked why we were going to Quincy.  “What is up in Quincy?” she asked.  Well, by the look above I would have to say, “Trees, Blue Sky, and Lower Temps”. 


Pioneer RV Park is what I would call your typical RV Park…and at least they don’t call it a “Resort” like so many other of the RV Parks which are similar to this one.  The sites are close together, but typically have trees between sites.  The sites are on asphalt, and they see to be level…ours is very level.  The weekly rate with Passport reduction was only $219, $4 more than in Loomis which, does not have this view and is also a bit hotter.  I have not seen any kids running around, so that it a plus, and the YUBA - SUTTER HISTUM YANI Good Sams Chapter is meeting here. 


I am sure that you too are wondering what “Histum Yani” means.  Well, if you remember in our last blog we showed you this picture below….


The Maidu Indians called the Sutter Buttes “Histum Yani”  which translates as, “Middle Mountains of the Valley” or “Spirit Mountain,” depending on the source, according to the California Department of Parks and Recreation website.  So this Good Sams Chapter, who’s members live near the Buttes, took the name as their chapter name.  They take up over half of the park, from just across from us through to the front of the RV Park.  Of course, Pioneer RV Park is a Good Sams park, and a Passport America park and a few other affiliates.  It is open year around, but the winters do get a bit cold and Quincy does get some snow.


One good thing about the RV Park is that it is next to Pioneer Park, which includes a community swimming pool, large playground, skateboard/skate park, and something that made two little ones very happy…GRASS.


I took this picture above for my Rotarian Friends back in Pine Bluff…we see so many Rotary Wheels as we travel.  The local club undoubtedly contributed the funds to build this pavilion, perhaps in celebration of Rotary’s 100th year back in 2005..


I just know that from the reaction from these two…we will be visiting the park next door many times over the next week.


  1. I have friends who moved to Quincy way back in the 70s. I haven't visited there myself, but may do so when I'm able to haul out of Roseville. I just checked the forecast - it's 96s and 97s throughout the next week. I have 4 men coming Sunday to move my furniture into storage. Dang! Wish it could be a little cooler, but then when is it cooler in Roseville in July and August? Never! Enjoy Quincy and that beautiful blue sky and lower temps!

    1. Thanks Mary-Pat. You really need to give that new motorhome of yours a good shakedown, and coming up to Quincy might be a good way to do it. Although it was longer, we decided to go I-80 to Truckee and then over...that way we did not have to worry about how people would pass us. It was an easy ride, with very little construction to fight. I sure hope you plan to do a blog when you travel, and if you do, let me know. -- Dave

  2. Looks like a beautiful location. Those skies sure are deep blue in the west:)

    1. Once one gets out of the valley and up into the Sierra Nevada mountains you quickly get above the smog line. So far there are no fires in Northern Cal to speak of, so the sky typically is blue like this. Got up this morning to temps in the mid-50's, it is 68 in the motorhome which means that I am very comfortable, Marcia is cold--but won't allow me to turn the heater on for even 10 minutes! But it should hit 90 later, so it won't be long before the sun warms us all up.


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