Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July -- Warning, the Soapbox is Out


Skruffy believes in Freedom, she just does not like the noise of firecrackers (or thunderstorms).  So when I asked her to display her patriotic stuff, she made her own “freedom” sign…well, at least the spirit is there girl.

Ok Skruffy, I’ll tell the story....  Our country was founded in part due to a group of people, including my 10th Great Grandfather Stephen Hopkins, who boarded the Mayflower back in 1620.  (Oh, I have other Mayflower ancestors too, but we can cover all of that one of these Thanksgiving Days.)  The Pilgrims came to America before it was America, searching for religious freedom.  The door was open, and many followed, and people continue to come here even today…though not all came for religious freedom, it does typically have something to do with some sort of freedom.  They might be getting away from the oppression they live under, or get away from the poverty they are living under.

The cost of freedom was not, is not, and will not ever be FREE.  There is a cost, because somewhere there is always someone who does not like the freedoms we enjoy -- instead of “joining us” by establishing freedoms in their country, they would rather try to take our freedoms away from us.  From the first war in 1675, called the First Indian War or King Philip's War, to today’s conflict(s), many people have laid their life down for the good of our country.

(Remember, you can click on the picture to see a bigger version of it)

So I put together the above collage which visually, yet briefly, tells the story of many of the struggles we have faced as a nation, with the reminders here and there of the cost it took.  Our history has not been easy….many young men and women have given up their lives, some have given up limbs, others have given up their sanity.  Despite the rhetoric that some historians implore, American Wars were not sought out, yet the case can be made that we always did not do enough to try and prevent it. But we certainly cannot turn a blind eye to evil, there are times we just have to get down and take care of business. Except for the case of the Native Americans, who got pushed aside due to America’s expansion, we as a nation did not conquer and take….for the most part we conquered and then rebuilt, and then gave back once the threat had ended.  In most cases, we did not start it…but we sure did end it.


So when you see the fireworks go off, the children playing, the food on the table….be it a hot day or a cool day….just remember those who made all of this possible.  And turn your eyes upward and say a little prayer, give thanks for that which we have, for the sacrifice which was given, and ask for continued blessings....we need blessings now as much as we ever have.  I hope you enjoy a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


  1. I hope you, Marcia , Bubba, and Scruffy have a nice holiday too. Enjoy all the family you are visiting!

    God Bless America!

    1. I hope you two enjoy your 4th in Utah. Provo always has a GREAT 4th of July parade, but even with mid-90 degree temps in the forecast, it will be hot...sat through enough of them when I lived in the area. -- Dave

  2. Great post, Dave! Well said. I love the collage.

    Have a nice (peaceful for Skruffy) 4th!

    1. Thank you kindly. As for Skruffy, we are going to be at my sister's house. They live in a cul de sac, and they have a big neighborhood get-together, including a bunch of legal fireworks for the youngsters (I fall into that category myself). But she survived it last year, and will survive it this year, sitting on my lap or on Marcia's. But the ones going off in the air, the illegal ones, those are the ones that get to her the most. Enjoy that mid-west heat...after yesterdays 112 degree weather, we are now on the down slide heading to low 90's by Saturday. --Dave

    2. Actually, we have lucked out with the heat. Our first couple days were high 90's and very humid. But we have cooled off and had an all day rain yesterday. Today was around 80 with a dew point in the 50's!! Our next few days are suppose to be the same. I believe this isn't usual from what we hear. Stay cool and enjoy your fireworks!

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself. We have so much in America to be thankful for, and it's always good to count our blessings.

    I hope you and yours enjoy this wonderful holiday! :-)


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