Saturday, August 4, 2012

What day is it? Near Butte, Mt

Ok, one the of the risks that I have read about traveling as we are is that you truly get mixed up, or lost, in time.  So yesterday, as I looked at my confirmation email from the State Park which clearly says, "Sunday, August 5, 2012", I panic thinking it was Saturday and not Friday when I read that.  "Marcia, we have to be there tomorrow", I said.  And that was that.  Until I woke up at 5:15 am and got the coffee going, and started up the Internet so that I could read the daily newspapers that I read....and I think to myself, "It would be a shame to drive all that way just to find out that we were a day early...."  So I read the email again, and it still said the same, "Sunday, August 5, 2012", except now it dawned on me that this morning was Saturday, not yesterday.  As Marcia was just getting up I break the news to we don't have to do 375 miles in one day, and we don't have to leave at 6:30 am, and so we both settled down to an easier morning, and an easier drive.

We got on the road around 10 am.  The route we were taking included many small Montana Highways before we reached I-90.  Nearly all of these small highways had lakes along them.  One had three, and the biggest was Swan Lake, and it was a pretty sight, and they had a nice pull out that we could drive the motor home into.
Above is the view to the south, the view below is to the west.
The view below is to the north.  As you can see, not a cloud in the sky, and nice blue lake, with just a few boats seen as we drove its length.
On the east side of us is the Swan Mountain Range which stretches in an unbroken line for 100 road crosses the range.  It is prime habitat for bear, dear, elk, wolf, and other animals. 
Highway 83 ran nearly the entire length of that 100 miles. 
 The mountain range indeed runs unbroken, and there are no roads leading over it.
We saw many signs about wildlife viewing, and "watch for deer" type of signs.  But since it was around 11 am, we did not see any animals what-so-ever.

I had identified a truck stop in Butte where I planed to fuel up at, and that is where we would stay unless we could find a better place near Butte.  As we neared Butte, I saw a rest area, and we pulled into it.  It is not right up against the Interstate, so it should not be too loud unless big trucks pull in later.  We will have a nice, easy distance to cover tomorrow.
It is just a standard rest area, nice facility...there have been many cars going through since we have been here, a few RV's, and I think one truck.  As you can see below, the Interstate is far enough away that road noise should not be an issue.
Can't wait to get to the Yellowstone area.

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