Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Buffalo, Wyoming - About the Indian RV Park

Ok, since we are going to be here for a good week, I thought I'd do a piece about the RV Park, and about the the RV Park, next time (tomorrow maybe?) the town.  But first, let me do an update on how I am doing....

Have had five treatments, just finished my fifth one.  I can open my mouth twice as much as yesterday, can not close it (teeth to teeth) without hitting swollen skin, although I did get it closed by manipulation of the skin twice, but I won't be able to have solid foods for a few more days.  Pain medications helps keep me comfortable, but we won't do any day trips for a few mores days when I hope I don't have to take the Oxycodone except to sleep....I'd sure like to try and do the Highway 14 and 14-A loop....if they are anything like what we saw on Highway 16, then that is a must see...and I know of two waterfalls along this loop.   And if we really want to get adventurous, we are only 100 miles away from where Custer's Last Stand is located. 

After sleeping for 5-6 hours, then getting up to go to the ER for more IV drugs, and back within the hour, I took a Oxy and slept for another 2-3 hours.  Now I let the dogs out for a "quick one" before I left at 4:40 am, so by 8 am, I felt they needed a good walk.  So I took them to the fenced dog walk here at the RV park.
Above is the bridge that crosses the creek that leads to the area where the dog run is suppose to be.  Now don't ask me why, must have been the results of the drugs or something, but I felt like I had to walk over this bridge and "check it out" while I left the dogs in the if the dogs would have been "bummed out" had there not really have been a dog run somewhere on the other side.  Of course, I don't realize this until I am across the bridge and walking up through the cover looking for this dog then, I figured I was too far, might as well leave them in the car.  Yep, there is a dog run out there....time to go back and get the dogs.
Now this dog run is not up to par for the quality of the RV park that this is.  However, they have many areas where they allow you to walk the dogs along the perimeter of the park, so that makes up for probably is not used much because of the ease to walk along the perimeter.  As you can see above, the dogs LOVED the grass....probably looking for squirrels.
Now it is time to head back....above you can see Skruffy telling Bubba, "I think the trail is over there...."  Of course, dad sees the larger opening to the upper right of the picture, and leads them over there to a dead end into the creek....hmmm...maybe the dogs were right.
See, it is right here...but do we really want to enter that dark forest?  Perhaps you should go first dad?
Hey Bubba, I can see the car.....let's get going buddy....

Ok, so the real idea behind the "Dog Run" is the running of the dogs getting to the Dog Run, the short time they want to spend in the Dog Run because they are ready to turn around and face the excitement of the trip back to the car!  And I think dad gets just as much of a run out it as the dogs do...especially when he goes to find the dog run without the dogs first!

On our way back to the motor home, which is at the front the RV Park and the Dog Run is at the back, I took a few pictures. 
In the above and below picture, you can see that we don't have neighbors right now....that was nice, until around 2 when another motor home moved right next to us (entry door side), and later a class C moved in at the far end.  Now why they did not put some space between us and our new neighbor, I just don't know....
Below you can see the road that leads along the right side to the back.  Along the fence you can see the strip of grass that runs along much of the perimeter, which is where they ask people to walk their dogs along.  That is nice for us, because many times we don't have grass for the dogs to walk along.
 Below, in the middle of the park, they put the trailers and 5th wheels, as shown below.
 And there are a few small cabins on the property, as seen below.
Way in the back, at least when we drove through, there is an area for about 6 motor homes.  We saw the owners leading a few motor homes which arrived today to the back, but I don't know if they were put there or in other places, but my guess is they put them there.  I think there was four of them, and they could have been a group meeting here, and this spot, although no shade, would not be bad for a group to meet at....I am sure that very few cars will go through the area.
 Finally, they have a swimming pool, and this play area, all around the main office area. 
We like the Indian Campground RV Park.  The owners are real nice people, as are their few workers.  Everyone is really on top of things, much like the park we stayed at near Crater Lake, although we liked that park a bit better than this one....but it was also the Crater Lake atmosphere that came with it.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    The problems with your mouth sound so painful! Hope you're back to normal soon.

    Thanks for the comments on our blog. I'll be very happy to include a link to your blog. I really wish I had started our blog years ago. Since we have been traveling for such a long time, we visited many of the major attractions and I could have been providing helpful information for other RVers ,especially ones with limited mobility. Oh well ,better later than never!

    It looks like you two are having a wonderful trip! I'm going to read over some more of your posts when I get the time.


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