Friday, August 3, 2012

Goodbye Glacier, Heading to Yellowstone

Ok, no pictures, short posting.  We leave very early in the morning (Saturday) for Yellowstone area.  The car is already hooked up, I plan to get up as the sun rises and take off....I am sure our neighbors will love the start up of the diesel engine, but that is how it has to be.  I thought, until today, that we had two days to travel the 375 miles that we need to travel....but I was wrong.  We were going to stay here for six days, but the seventh is free if you stay six, and hence the mix up.

We went to s Smith's Grocery Store down the highway 15 miles or so....I am familiar with Smith's from when I lived in Utah, it is a good grocery store.  We will have to get a few things while in Yellowstone, but I know the prices will be a good 50% higher than here.

We should have wi-fi at the new park, but we have been told that before and....well, it just does not always happen.  Verizon will probably be available, but AT&T is weak, from what I have read about the State Park we will be at.  So if you don't see a post tomorrow...don't fret about it...we will do the best we can as we visit the Yellowstone & Tetons area for 10 days.  On drawback besides not having TV, is no sewer, although they have a dump station.  Well, that is how it was in Pine Bluff too, so we can handle it.

As for the North American RV Park, we have really enjoyed it here, and highly recommend it.

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