Friday, August 17, 2012

Greybull, Wyoming

We left Cody at 10:30.  Cody is an alright place....I think it is a nice place to stay on ones way to, or way from Yellowstone.  The people seem real nice, and there are a number of RV parks to choose from....this one we stayed at was a good stop, have a few who live there month to month who are in the construction business and can be a bit loud at night...but by 10 pm all is nice and quiet.  

The trip to Greybull was a little more than an hour down the road.  Saw three Wyoming State Troopers along the way, each giving out early Christmas Presents.....none to RVers.  

No super scenery, but it was still a nice, short ride.
 And it pretty much looked like this most of the way.

As we got closer to town, we came up theGreybull airport, which has been the base for air tankers operating in the forest fire-fighting role, for many years flown by the local firm of Hawkins and Powers, which is now defunct.  There seemed to be a collection of older airplanes at the airport, and there is a rest area right there that we pulled into since we had not confirmed our reservations in Greybull at the RV Park.
 It is the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting is located at the airport. 
 As we pulled into the rest area, we got the shot below, and later I looked up information about the museum.
Many types of aircraft have been used to combat forest fires since the late 1920's, along with different designs for fire retardant drop systems. The Museum of Flight is dedicated to educating people about the numerous types of aircraft and retardant systems that have evolved over the years.

After a short stop, and another call to the RV Park, we drove the final 2 miles to the Campbell's Green Oasis Campground.  We plan to stay here for two days, and tomorrow we are going to explore the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming and Montana.
This is a very small RV Park, the people are nice....
 ....and there is lots of shade.  It will be a good little two night stop, and it brought us much closer to the Bighorn Mountains.

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