Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodbye One Wisdom Tooth

Ok, first pictures.  Sorry.

After six treatments of the IV meds, the swelling had not gone down.  I was convinced that the tooth was not cause of the infection.  Everyone seemed to agree, but no one knew why.  Sent to a Dentist who is also an Oral up in Sheridan.

Dr. John Naugle and his staff were very nice too...and he is a very down to earth, straight shooting type of a guy.  Essentially, he had not seen this before, but related it to the condition which sometimes develops with tonsillitis, but then an infection goes down into the teeth area.  This seems different.

After removing 5cc of what he called "puss" (and it was a white, icky color) he said that he put a dent into it...but only a small dent, and the roof of my mouth where he took this out was filling back up again.

Removing the wisdom tooth, although it looks good, will open up a hole and let this gunk exit your head.  A drain would be put in for a couple of days to allow full drainage.  

We call Marcia in, and after assuring her the pain would be minimal, that there would be no swelling, and that it is the best answer....she agreed too and left the room to listen to the hollering, crying, screaming of her "man" back in the dentist chair.

It took about 10 minutes for the dirty deed....there was no pain, there was no yelling, there was discomfort, and there was a lot of "gunk" that came out....lots and lots.

Dr. Naugle has another procedure under his belt now.  His theory is that there had been a this body of "gunk" up in a cavity for a long time....that the jaw being hurt, lead to the cheek being bitten open, allowing bacteria into the area, which made the junk attack and grow so much that it dropped down into the roof of my mouth.  He likened it to  when you burn your blisters, if you don't bleed the blister, the blister grows more, fills with gunk.  Eventually you are going to bleed it, or the blister will break open.

Just to be safe, the IV will continue through Friday morning, and later Friday morning another trip back up to Sheridan so that the drain can be removed. (After that, we will probably go see where Custer got it....and if I am not better, I will be praying for Indians to come over that big hill again!)  I don't mind the IV, comes with a Toradal shot too.  It works for me.  And don't ask me what the gunk coming out of the drain taste like...let's just say that drain is right over the back, center of my mouth.  GAG!!!!

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