Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye to Buffalo

Today (Monday) is our last day in Buffalo.  We have not done a whole lot these past two days, and other than a sore mouth, I am feeling much better.

Sunday we got up, we showered, we dressed for church, we went to church....just to find out that this is their one Sunday that they have an outdoor, up in the hills, church service.  :(   We thought about heading up the hill (Highway 16 west), but we did not know if the GoGo would work there, we did not know if they had chairs...we let the unknown hold us back.  But we tried to go to church here, and we both were looking forward to it.  Oh well....can't win them all.

Today I spent a good chunk of the day grooming the dogs again.  This time I was a bit more aggressive with the electric clippers....and well, you be the judge.

 So, I did pretty good, huh?

Ok, now for the real picture....
Skruffy did real well...she is just so trusting of me that she will lay on her back, she even seems to like it.  Bubba, well, he did real good too....but he does back off, he cried at just the thought of me cutting his nails, and, well, I think he thought I was going to cut something else off down there too for a minute.  However, in his defense, it takes over twice as long to cut Bubba as it does Skruffy because his hair is just so very thick!

Thank goodness we kept the canvas from when we lost our awning back in November of last year when we first bought the motor home and we were driving it back to Pine Bluff.  I put the canvas over the picnic table, I put a garbage bag into a large pail and collected as much of the hair as I could.  The owners of the RV park came by, and I could tell by the way they looked that they were happy that I was not making a big mess.

Tomorrow we head towards a close encounter of the third kind as we head over to Devils Tower National Monument.  It looks like for one night we won't have any power, water, sewer, will be as if we are parked at a Rest Area...but this one will cost us like $10 or so.  Anyway, the next day we will be in a RV park near Custer, South Dakota, and we plan to be there for a week.  So if you don't hear from us tomorrow....don't fret. 

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