Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cloudy, Rainy Day in Glacier

Temperatures today maxed out around 74 degrees, with a breeze, clouds, and eventually rain.  We were both fairly beat from our travels over the past few days, so for the most part, we stayed at the motor home.  

The lights in the bathroom went out a few days ago.  It is the only light fixture in the motor home which takes a T5, 8 watt florescent bulb, and it looked like both were bad.  I did some research, and the Home Depot in Kalispell has some in I decided to take the 28 miles or so there.  One thing I could not believe was the number of dogs walking around inside the Home Depot with their owners.  Anyway, after getting gas and a few things at the grocery store, I got back to the motor home in a little over an hour.  And the lights did the trick, we now can see in the commode again.

After our chicken soup and chicken salad dinner, we decided to drive to Glacier to check out the east and north end of Lake McDonald.  As we were on the road, the rain started up again, then stopped, then really came down with some thunder and lightening along with it.  However, we did get this shot of McDonald Creek where it enters Lake McDonald.
 The view above is of McDonald Creek looking to the east with the sun setting off to the west.  The narrower, whiter area within the water above is the bottom of McDonald Falls, which is a number of small cascading falls.  

Below is where McDonald Creek enters Lake McDonald, looking to the setting sun to the west, with the angry rain clouds looming above.  Thanks to Marcia who saw this shot below as we passed on the wooden bridge over McDonald Creek...and for no cars in sight so that I could stop and take the shots.
After we got on the west side of the lake again, we started down the road we took on Sunday, hoping to see some wildlife...but the rain and thunder and lightening came, and we turned around and went back to the motor home.

It was a relaxing day, productive in that we got the light fixed, and we did see some of Glacier in a stormy condition.  Doubt we will ever be here to see it snow...and that would be a delight.  Thank goodness we can see pictures on the Internet of that if we do a little searching.

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