Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wendover or Bust

Wendover Will

Quick post just to let everyone (family especially) know that we did make it to Wendover.  They say that everything is BIG in Texas, but if you click on Will you will see just how large this icon is.  (picture of Will via Wikipedia)  Vegas Vic was erected in 1951, and Wendover wanted its own Icon to bring people into the Stateline Casino.  Will was right on the line, but is now further away from the state line, and is totally restored by the same company that created Will, and Vic, and other large signs, the Young Electric Sign Company.

It has been a busy day, starting at 6:15 when I got up, turned on our church from back in Palm Harbor Florida via their stream, took the dogs out, and then watched our home church.  After that we had an hour to kick-back, then off to Truckee for church again.  After church there, we got some burgers at Burger Me, and back to the motorhome where we hooked up, and off by 1:05, five minutes later than I promised them when they allowed us to stay late.  We arrived in Wendover 8 hours later, and with the time change at the border just a few hundred feet away, it is now LATE.  So pictures of scenic Nevada will have to wait until tomorrow or another day.  Monday is going to be Daddy Daughter day!  Looking forward to it...

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