Saturday, April 30, 2016

Boomtown – On the Road Again

KOA - Boomtown Nevada

YES, that is snow up on that mountain!  In fact, it was nice to go over the Sierra’s along I-80 in late April and actually see so much snow. Of course, last night’s “final” snow storm of the season helped some, but it couldn’t have helped too much since the Interstate showed no sign of any storm today at all.

KOA - Boomtown Nevada

We are in Verdi Nevada, near the Boomtown Casino, at the KOA.  $39 per night, after taxes, is not bad for this area…but later in the season it will go up.  I actually pulled into the wrong park, thinking we were in the first RV park once you get into Nevada…but in the cobwebs of my mind I was thinking that we were at a KOA, but I had the nice lady look up her reservations anyway…and then point me in the direction of where KOA is.

KOA - Boomtown Nevada    KOA - Boomtown Nevada

This is your typical KOA, sites close together, sites not level, friendly people all around…real close. But so far, no kids, so I doubt it will be very loud.  And it is down and away from the freeway, so little road noise along busy I-80.

I-80, Sierra Nevada Mountains

Marcia did well taking pictures as I drove.  I know we have shown these mountains before, but they look so much more spectacular with snow on them.

I-80, Sierra Nevada Mountains     I-80, Sierra Nevada Mountains
Boreal Ridge Ski Resort

The bottom picture is Boreal Ridge Ski Resort (now called Boreal Mountain Resort), which surprisingly was closed.  I know when I was younger friends of mine would sky Boreal in May…spring skiing in short pants.  I skied…once…I broke my hand once too…you can put 2 plus 2 together on that one…

Donner Lake

It is hard to get a picture of Donner Lake without pulling over at the Vista Point on I-80, which you cannot do if you are in a 30 foot motorhome pulling an HHR. But she got two!  We have featured many pictures of Donner Lake before, just do a search in our blog search bar.

Donner Lake

It is nice to be back on the road again…it is hard to be back on the road again.  When ever we leave family, it is not easy.  Tomorrow we will attend church back in Truckee, where we could have stayed and where temps will be freezing tonight, while we will be above freezing here in Verdi.  Got permission for a 1:00 late departure, and we plan to travel all 400 miles of Nevada to Wendover. 

Bubba    Skruffy

See you all down the road …


  1. I'm keeping an eye on your route. Going that direction in a month or so!!

    1. "A month or so...", that's because you are smarter than us and will wait until it warms up. 34 degrees last night, at least we didn't freeze (well, I did when I let the dogs out for their morning walk at 6:30).

  2. Replies
    1. How nice it is, although it is a double edge sword. Things are going well so far.


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