Friday, April 1, 2016

An April Fool Birthday


I can’t remember when the last time was that I saw my dad on his birthday.  Mom’s birthday, yep…didn’t make them all, but have made many of them.  Dad’s, which is 24 days before moms…not very many at all.  But this time, nor rain, nor hail, nor wind…nothing kept us from being here this time!


Dad has faced many years of “Jokes” on his birthday.  I remember as a young kid him getting a large present from a friend or family member (outside of us kids or mom), and he opened it, to pull out another, nicely wrapped box, which he opened, to pull out another, nicely wrapped box…until he got down to a small little wrapped present which turned out to be a piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum.  He said that something similar happened a number of times from when he was a young child, through adulthood. 


Today there was no fooling around…no jokes that I became aware of.  Marcia and I took him out to one of his favorite steak restaurants (Black Angus) for lunch, and he had Prime Rib.  Mom was feeling a bit down, so she stayed home and slept…but when I left there house this evening to walk across the street to the motorhome, it sounded like they were going to split a Prime Rib Sandwich for dinner.

Dads_Birthday BBQ

Tomorrow we are having a family BBQ for him…the sisters will be there, my son Michael and his girl friend Anna will be there…just a nice gathering.  Of course, we will have a few special people there…

Dads_Birthday BBQ Guest          Dads_Birthday BBQ Guest

Santa and Elvis will be singing together…

Dads_Birthday BBQ Guest

And the Duke, John Wayne, will show up too!

April Fools!

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