Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Phase Starts – Headed to Banff in the Morning


Sunday morning we will head out from Bonners Ferry, and by the afternoon we should be settling for six nights at the Banff Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court.  From there we will explore from Banff to Jasper and back, over to the Canadian’s Glacier National Park, and so on.  With her MS, Marcia can only do so much…and I am not much of a hiker anyway, so there will be many things to see from the comfort of the HHR.

I think I have everything in order for the border crossing.  I have read many blogs of RV travelers, and I have not read one blog where they said, “Crossing the border is going to fun…”   For many it is a bit stressful, for others it is just paperwork and something you just have to go through.  Last year when we took our HHR over to Victoria it was very easy.  I hope tomorrow is easy too, if not, we will just deal with it.  I doubt I will lose any sleep over it, that's for sure.

After our six days in Banff our current plans are to head to Dawson Creek, taking two days to get there.  This could change if we decided to extend at Banff, or find a place to camp in Jasper…but my guess is that six days will be enough.  Once in Dawson Creek we will probably have a couple of days to prepare for the long haul (nearly 1,600 miles) to Anchorage.  While at Dawson Creek I will schedule out that phase of the trip.

Tonight we went back to Mugsy's Tavern & Grill for another great meal.  Danielle’s daughter waited on us, and when we mentioned coming through in 2012 and part of the conversation we had with her, a light went off in her head and she did remember us.  As we were getting into our car, Danielle ran out and waved good-bye.  I told her that if we are ever in the area again, she could bet that we will be back.  I had another burger, and Marcia had a shrimp pasta with feta cheese…both were real good…especially the brownie, ice cream, fudge desert that we shared after our meal.  Smile

Note to family and friends:  Our cell phones will not work in Canada.  The best way to get a hold of us is via email.  Don’t know how long this will be, could be as long as 20 days, but most likely it will be shorter than that.


  1. Crossing the border is going to be fun!! LOL It's a piece of cake!! Coming back, now that's another story!! No worries .. you'll be crossing back and forth as you get closer to Alaska and will be a pro!!

  2. We stayed at that campground back in 2014. Watch out for the Elk in that area. Jealous!

    1. As long as the bears stay away from our fur babies!


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