Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sometimes the Snow just has to Fall

We left Banff just before 8 am, and we got to Hinton, Alberta around 3 pm.  We had rain all night, rain from Banff to past Lake Louise, and our first hint of snow hit around Bow Summit on the Ice Fields Drive.  It seemed that every time we got above 5,500 feet, it would snow.  Luckily, none stayed on the roadway...but when the temps got down to 32-34 degrees, I sure watched the road even that much more closer.  We did see the rear end of black bear where about six cars had pulled over...and a few were out of their car just 15-20 yards away.  We also saw six big horn sheep near the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre (there spelling, not mine).  

The closer we got to the KOA in Hinton, the more it seemed to snow.  There are 2-3 water soaked inches of snow on the ground here, nothing the dogs like, that's for sure.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be 60 degrees in Hinton, so go figure.  We just hope we can continue on to Dawson Creek where it is 46 instead of 38 right now.

With weak 3G signal, and very poor WiFi at the KOA, this is the best I can do for now.  We will try to post what we did see along our trip today tomorrow.


  1. For the Librarian ... all the towns have small libraries with GREAT WiFi service at no charge. I'm SO glad it didn't snow on me, or I might still be there!!

    1. Verizon has this new plan where you can pay $1 per day to access your Verizon Air Card in Canada, you only pay "IF" you access it...but you have to sign up for it, there is no hidden cost. You are then using your normal data plan, which we have 40 gigs for $150 due to another special we signed up for nearly 2 years ago where you could get double data for a set price. This morning it is blue cloudy skies, and I am sure the snow will melt, but we will be long gone before it does.


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