Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Last Day in Utah

After a rough night at the Utah / Nevada border on Sunday, I slept like a rock on Monday night, doing the blog post about Monday after I woke up today (Tuesday).  My agenda on Tuesday was to take Stephanie out for some shopping, then dinner with her and her roommate Jenny, who has been such a blessing for Stephanie and for us (Stephanie’s family) in helping Steph through her traumatic brain injury from last fall.  They have been friends for many years, and have shared apartments for 3 or more years now…but that is unfortunately coming to an end at the end of June. 

Our investment folks from Morgan Stanley needed some paperwork signed by Marcia, which they sent via email in PDF format.  I needed to get this printed off, so I headed over to a UPS store near Stephanie's apartment with a flash drive containing the documents, and for $1.35 I got four pages printed off.  (I only needed 2 pages, but I have learned my lesson that it is better to have more than one copy in case coffee spills, dogs eat it up, etc. etc. etc.)

Sams Club

First stop after I picked Stephanie up was to Sam’s Club.  A little of this, a little of that and our eleven items came to just under $100.  One thing she really wanted was a container she can put her homemade smoothies in, one that has a cover in case she spills, which happens since her coordination is not the best still.  So that brought up the idea of getting a smoothie, so off to…

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice!  With 800 locations, you might have seen them, even tried one.  Yes, they are good.  Yes, they are costly.  But, while ordering I saw this Jamba Juice container that you can use over and over again…so I got one for Stephanie.  Those Jamba Juices were good…and came in real handy for me after lugging all that Sam’s stuff up the flight of stairs to their 2nd floor apartment.  Three loads up the stairs at 4,500 feet elevation = one dead daddy!
Texas Roadhouse

Around 2 pm I headed back up the mountain where the motorhome is parked.  After Marcia filled out the required two pages, I took a picture of each page and converted them to a PDF format and emailed them back to our Morgan Stanley folks.  (That, my friends, is how you conduct business on the road now days!  And for those who were wondering, I also have two extra pages that we did not have to use...but had I not had those pages, you know what would have happened...)  At 4:15 Marcia and I headed back down to Salt Lake City to get Stephanie and then over to the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant where her and Jenny wanted to eat.  Jenny met us there after she got off of work.  We had a great meal, although the restaurant was a bit too loud for our liking.   Hugs and kisses goodbye, and we hope to see them both again when we plan to drive through on our way back home in September after a short stop in California upon our return from Alaska.   Next stop, the Tetons!


  1. Whew!! I'm tired just reading about your day, let alone climbing all those stairs!! LOL

    1. So that's why my legs hurt this morning!


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