Friday, May 27, 2016

Watson Lake, Yukon

Got up at 3:30 am to let Skruffy out (again...she is drinking up so much water during this trip that she can't hold it all night), opened the door after I hooked her up to the leash and IT WAS LIGHT OUTSIDE ALREADY!   The sun went down around 9:30, it was dark by 10:15, and light again by, this is going to be different.

We left Fort Nelson before 6:30 am, and took it nice and easy to Watson Lake.  We stopped at Muncho Lake for nearly 2 hours, but unfortunately it was overcast...but we still got nice pictures of the lake.  Yes, we did hit snow again.  Yes, we did see 3 bears, got pictures of 2 of them.  Went around a corner and big female moose was standing right there in the middle of the road, got a fuzzy picture through the snowy windshield of the moose too.  Passed on getting pics of the dead moose along side of the road later.  Also saw two young Stone Sheep that we have pictures of.

So where are the pictures???   With this slow connection that we have at Baby Nugget RV Park just outside of town, all you are going to get is words this time.  By-the-way, only two or three RV spots will pickup the WiFi at the park, you need to ask...otherwise you have to walk up to the office and use it there.  We have one of the spots that get it, and it is slow, and it is not our connection to is their Internet connection.   Also, the four stations on cable are fuzzy (or don't come in at all).  But hey, this is the Yukon, what do you expect???

Tomorrow we are going to stay in Haggish, YT, which is only 220 miles away.  After a night there, we will land in Skagway Alaska, which is just 90 short yet beautiful miles away.  Not sure how long we will be in Skagway, 3-4 nights would be my guess...we want to be in Anchorage around the 10th so that we can get our prescriptions refilled.  While in Skagway I will try to post pictures from today and tomorrow's travels...unless tomorrow is stronger Internet than today...we can only hope.


  1. Did you stop at the sign forest? It's growing by leaps and bounds!! I found all of the wifi's there to work better at around 4 am. Can't wait for pictures.

    1. Sign Forest??? lol, of couse, even left a little something that I doubt they ever had left there before too. :)


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