Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Lake Jordanelle State Park

Tuesday morning, 7:30, low 30’s, empty Utah State Park …

Frosty morning, Lake Jordanelle State Park 

Skruffy on COLD metal table, Frosty morning, Lake Jordanelle State Park    Skruffy moves to lap, Frosty morning, Lake Jordanelle State Park

Frost on the plants, Skruffy did not last long on that frozen metal table…

Lake Jordanelle State Park      Lake Jordanelle State Park

Pretty easy to fall in love with Utah, that’s for sure.  So much beauty in this state.

Stephanie looking up a place to eat, pic taken with cell phone

Of course, the BEST thing in Utah is my girl.  Movie tickets for two, $14.50.  Two large bottled waters, $10.  Seeing the movie Zootopia with my girl…PRICELESS!  Having dinner together in a noisy restaurant…well, that was Priceless too!!!


After the long travel day on Sunday, a shorter travel day on Monday, getting set up in Lake Jordanelle State Park, I have to admit that I did fall asleep for two separate 2-3 minute stretches during the movie… but quickly caught up to the action.  It was not the movie, just being tired out. The little bunny and sly fox are the stars of the show…but overall it was a well thought out movie with each animal fitting into a distinct stereotype of the human counterpart.  This shot below of the Sloths working the DMV Office is a prime example.
zootopia dmv

I promised some scenic shots of our travel across Nevada…so here they are.  Remember, if you click on a picture you will see a larger version of it.

Nevada, I-80, Spring 2016, Black and White    Nevada, I-80, Spring 2016, Sepia

(Marcia found out the camera had a B&W and a Sepia settings!)

Nevada, I-80, Spring 2016    Nevada, I-80, Spring 2016 

Nevada along I-80 has a totally different look to it when there is snow on the mountainsides, and a greenness to the fields, that’s for sure.

Bubba sticking his tongue out
HEY!  Not everyone is happy here….I’d much rather be back on my chair in Arny’s house! 

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