Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trout Creek Montana

Trout Creek Motel and RV Park.

We left the KOA at 9 am sharp, went over to the Havoline Oil and Lube, and got right in.  The lady manager assisted in getting me pulled in, oversaw the oil change, told me that they had indeed left a message and agreed to the $39 charge, and within 20 minutes I was pulling out.  Marcia drove the HHR, and followed me over to a Walmart where I picked up some extra oil, Dot 3 (she said my breaks were not full, nor at the add level, so I thought I should have some just in case), two gallons of windshield wiper fluid, and some gas additive (I use Lucas, and also started using some denatured alcohol).

Trout Creek Motel and RV Park.

We are at a place called Trout Creek Motel and RV Park.  It is a wonder, small park and motel and cabins type of place, full hookups, large sites, no cable TV but we are getting over the air TV, and the Internet is poor but better than our slow 3G even after it is boosted.  Hence, a short post today, but tomorrow we should have a good connection in Bonners Ferry where we will be or two nights.  Oh, Trout Creek Motel and RV Park is a Passport America park…total cost after tax, under $13!  This is one of the BEST Passport America RV Parks we have been to.

Looking north toward Glacier National Park

I can only show a few pictures, but the drive to Trout Creek from Missoula was just a wonderful drive, especially after we got on Montana Highway 200, which travels through the entire state, and this short portion we are on is just a wonderful, scenic drive.

Flathead River along Montana Highway 200

Much of the route follows the Flathead River, and then it enters into the Clark Fork River named after the Lewis and Clark group, and starts near Butt and enters into the Columbia River past Sandpoint Idaho.

Clark Fork or Flathead River along Montana Highway 200    Clark Fork or Flathead River along Montana Highway 200

Give a gal a camera, water, and mountains and what do you get?  185 pictures, that’s what.  As you can see, one certainly can’t blame her…

Clark Fork River along Montana Highway 200


  1. I just caught up with reading your blog. You're moving north before the crowds. Yellowstone must have been wonderful with less traffic. Beautiful pictures of the snow capped mountains. And I enjoyed seeing all the animals. Have a great trip in Canada. I'll be following along.

    1. Yes, it has been very delightful not having crowds. After Banff and Jasper we plan to go up to is going to be a memorable summer.


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