Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Test Trip – McCloud RV Resort

McCloud RV Resort

Had a great 4th of July, did not take pictures (sorry), and we enjoyed a visit with my cousin Donald, wife Sherri and two of their grandkids on Friday too.  But this morning, after watching church over the Internet, we got things ready and hit the road by 10:30.  After fueling up at Sam’s Club ($2.87 gal) and a very quick  shopping trip to pick up some grapes and frozen berries inside, we were hitting the highway shortly after 11. Other than the bad stretch of road along I-80 heading over to I-5, the road conditions were good, although a bit more crowded than I expected headed north. Got to McCloud by 4:30, and after a very busy 4th of July, they had a good number of openings at the McCloud RV Resort (aka: McCloud (Dance Country) RV Resort)

McCloud RV Resort

There are some nice quaint areas here at the park…this person lucked out after four neighbors left this morning giving them a nice secluded area amongst the trees.

McCloud RV Resort

Many sites are right on the grass, and they are a little less expensive than those on pavement.

McCloud RV Resort

The length of the pavement is nice, but the width is lacking a bit.  But a real nice feature for us is that you can park your car right next to it…so Marcia won’t have to walk very far to get in the car when we go on a day trip tomorrow. We are parked a bit forward on the pad so that our slide would not open up onto the utility pole.

McCloud RV Resort

They also have some cabins, which are fully furnished.  I did not see any of them with cars in front of them, but I am sure over the weekend they were full too.

McCloud RV Resort    McCloud RV Resort

As you pull in there is a nice sign so you won’t miss it…and pull way in until you get to the office, which is the building above (right).  The staff was super nice, and would have allowed me to drive around to check on some sites, but I settled on the one she recommended.

Siskiyou Brew Works.

As you pull into the RV Park, you pass this McCloud Dairy Barn…

Siskiyou Brew Works.

….which is really a fairly new food and brewery in town called the Siskiyou Brew Works.  Link is to their facebook page, they don’t seem to have a website, but the reviews are pretty good on yelp.

McCloud Dance Hall

Got this picture from the Internet of the McCloud Dance Hall.  McCloud Dance Country offers ballroom, round and square dancing activities, and the RV park was originally named after it.

McCloud 2012

We visited McCloud back in 2012 on one of our Day Trip drives.  We both remember seeing this RV park and thought back then that it looked like a nice quiet park…so far we were right.  Tomorrow we will have a little more time to explore it, but most of all we are going to drive up Mt. Shasta as far as we can and see what we can see.


  1. That's one park I haven't heard of and it looks VERY nice. Wondering if it is big rig accessible?

    1. Yes, there are a number of 40-45 footers in here, and the roads in and around are plenty wide enough. If you ever do come, be sure to take your car on Hwy 89 over to Burney Falls, it is very pretty and the falls always run because they are spring fed.


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