Friday, July 24, 2015

Slight Reversal – Washington then Oregon

Map of trip to Washington-Oregon

With mom’s breast cancer diagnosis, we have decided to tour Washington then Oregon instead of heading up the Oregon Coast into Washington.  So our plans now are to leave early Sunday evening, go as far as Corning, California, straight through the rest of Northern Cal and most of Oregon on Monday where we would camp just south of Portland, then continue our run up to the Olympia area where we will slow down, pick up highway 101 to Port Angeles where we can take a day trip via the ferry over to Butchart Gardens.  (if you click on the link, it will bring up a small pdf which shows a map and provides some of the history of the gardens).  From there we will follow 101 slowly down the coast into Oregon, with the option of heading on back quickly if the surgery happens quicker than any of us anticipate.

In a dozen days from now mom visits her surgeon, and two days before that she is having a “ct scan” of the area where her cancer was 20 years ago.  Time will tell how this is going to go, until then it is a waiting game and time for prayers.  She is very appreciative of those who have made contact with her through facebook, and I know she reads the comments on our blog too.  Her facebook  page is open to the public, and she will “friend” just about anyone who asks.  (facebook links above are to her page)  Of course, one has to be registered on facebook to really use and view facebook, which is one of my pet peeves about facebook.)

reno with pink ribbon for mom

Sandy and Patti are having a little “sister time” up in Reno this weekend, they like to go up there at least once a year and have “spa time”, as they call it.  Not the biggest gamblers in the world…Sandy rarely plays anything over a penny slot, but they both enjoy their time up there now and then, and this time it is just the two of them.  Once they come back Sunday, it will free us up to head on out, and instead of fighting the traffic on Monday to get over to I-5, we will take off Sunday around 4 or 5.   As for the “pink ribbon” in the Reno picture, well, I think I am going to add that to my pictures this trip in memory of my mom…Winking smile  


  1. I prayed for your mom, and am hoping to become friends on Facebook. Blessings...

    1. Thanks Lynn....I sent you a friend request just now, and mom will probably friend you too.

  2. We have never traveled in Washington and Oregon. Pictures tell me it is beautiful there. Enjoy!

    Prayers for your mom...

    1. Thanks...and our prayers for you two too...hope you can get out of Tucson real soon, and that all of Joe's test come out well.


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