Thursday, July 9, 2015

Quincy, CA – Pioneer RV Park

 Pioneer RV Park, Quincy California

We are back to the Pioneer RV Park in Quincy.  Two years ago we came up here about this same time of year for a week long “let’s get out of the heat” trip. The thing about this particular park that we like is that the people who work here, especially the owners, are real nice folks.  Quincy is a quiet little town, has a Safeway, a few restaurants, and the people are real nice.  Highway 79/89 goes right through town, but the amount of traffic is not that bad, and we can barely hear anything while in the park from the traffic.

 Pioneer RV Park, Quincy California

After two days of no to weak Internet, it is nice to have a good WiFi connection, about 9 channels of cable, and peace can quiet  We have no neighbors on either side of us (unless this 5th wheel just now pulling into the park happens to park near us), and there are a number of dog owners.  They have a doggie bath area, so you know what I will be doing tomorrow.  (Oh good, they pulled in across and down 3 spots from us! Smile


We had a pretty good rain slip through for 4 hours after we arrived at 1 pm. Lightening, Thunder, nice rain, no hail.  I say no hail because less than 100 miles to our south they had a good hour long hail storm that looked like snow had fallen in the pictures we saw on TV.  It is nice that the Sierra’s have received a bunch of rain the past few days, with a little more in the forecast tomorrow…it helps with the drought conditions, but they needs months and months of this type of rain, along with good winter snow, to really end the drought here.

Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant

When we were here two years ago we ate at the Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant a few times.  It is close, the food is good, and the staff is friendly.  Can’t always go by the reviews in Yelp, I think the “other” Mexican Restaurant in town might be planting bad reviews on Yelp because we found it to be just as good as last time.

We will be here for two days, then over to Truckee for a night before heading back to Sacramento.


  1. Quincy is a great little town .... definitely quiet ... which I could use since the family next to me moved in!!!

    1. At least as RVers we know that if a bad neighbor moves in next door, we can always stick the key into the ignition. If you ever get up to Quincy, this the park for you...not sure there are any quilting stores though (although I am sure there must be).


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