Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Burney Falls – From a Dogs Perspective

Skruffy at Burney Falls


Skruffy, you know that when you type in all caps you are YELLING at everyone…you have a loud enough bark, let’s keep the typing to a normal voice mode, ok?

OK DAD…I mean, ok Dad.  Let me start again….Hello Everyone, Skruffy Here.  I want to tell you about our trip so far.  Here I am, scared Skata-less, (dad said we can say Skata, but not S@#t…I think you get the point.)  Here I am sitting on another wall with something behind me that all the humans seem to gawk at.  So far I have done this at Yosemite, Crater Lake, Glacier, Yellowstone, out on the highway somewhere…well, you get the drift.  Dad just seems to get off on scaring me to death with all this “junk” behind me thinking that everyone will go, “Oh, look at the cute little doggie sitting in front of [name the landmark]”.

Skruffy at Burney Falls

Geeze, I saw a squirrel over there a minute ago, I sure hope he does not see me up here.  If the squirrels back at Arny and Sandy’s hear about this, I am dog meat!

Osprey at Burney Falls

Yes dad, I see that large bird up in that tree…what is it?  An Osprey??  I thought we left them back in Florida???  Yes dad, I do see that nest in the bottom right corner…it is big…looks like there is something in it.

Osprey at Burney Falls

WOW, there are two up in the nest…a big one and little one!  Yes dad, I know about the birds and the bees…don’t you remember that my boobs were hanging down when I found you 5 1/2 years ago?  That was because I had babies too…remember???

Burney Falls

Yes dad, you took a nice picture of Burney Falls…it looks like it did back in 2012, in 2013 as it does now.  Story over, goodbye.

    Skruffy and Beggin Strips

Skruffy, you know what you did, and you have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…or I will have you doing a lot more of these postings!

Skruffy and Beggin Strips
OK, but don’t interrupt me…

Last night at McCloud mom and dad left me and Bubba for hours and hours while they went to get some pizza.  Well, they only left us with water and dry dog food, and well, Bubba saw the Beggin Strips, and with his big nose he couldn’t get into them, so he asked me to and…well…mom and dad came home and found me eating Beggin Strips but Bubba jumped back up on his perch, aka: driver’s seat, and pretended to be asleep.
Thank you Skruffy, you did a great job!  Now I will fill in the blanks…

Pit River Campground

We are at Pit River Campground about 10 miles east of the city of Burney, and 10 miles southeast of Burney Falls.  It is a Bureau of Land Management park, and the cost really hit the piggy bank real hard (we may not be able to get Beggin Strips for another month or two)…it was a whole $4 with the federal senior pass.  Smile  

Pit River Campground   Pit River Campground

And we really scored with our site! In the picture to the left, at the far left from us is the pit toilets, and beyond that is the camp host.  In the picture to the right is the other six sites, two filled with tents, four empty.  Our site has great shade (we don’t need sun since we are leaving Wednesday), and secluded…can’t ask for much more than that….well…an Internet signal would be nice, but it is only one night.

Pit River Campground Day Use Area

There is a day use area, but other than a few cars going by we have not heard a thing…and they are all gone now (5:30 pm)

Pit River day use area

Here is a picture of Pit River west of our location by 2 miles or so.

Pit River Canyon and Waterfall

About a mile past the turn off to the campground to our east there is a vista which shows the Pit River and the canyon which has been formed over the years….and yes…

A Pit River Waterfall

…that is a water fall down there.

Valley where Pit River Camp Ground is located

On the way back from the vista you get a good look of the valley we are in.  As you can see, it is pretty isolated…we expect a nice, quiet night, that’s for sure.


  1. Just don't pose the poor dog in front of any buffalo or bear. ;-D

    1. No, gotta respect the other animals, Skruffy might scare them away!

  2. Tell Skruffy that she did a nice job!! I don't blame the dogs at all for having treat. After all you were having pizza! Only seem to fair:)

    1. Well, you do have a point there...we wish we were not gone so long but the pizza took forever!

  3. Too funny .. and a great looking campground!!!

    1. Not sure your big rig could get in there, but we sure enjoyed it. Wish there was Internet, otherwise we might have stayed...

  4. Thank you for sharing!! Super cute :) My friends and I just came back from camping at Lassen Park. We stopped by Burney and I was googling to find out who/what built that nest!!


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