Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Little Creek Casino – Parking Lot Camping

Little Creek Casino

Our dear blogging friends Karen and Tony camped at Little Creek Casino a few weeks ago and blogged about it on their blog Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling.  Little Creek has a RV park, but it is way over priced in my opinion, and there are a number of RV’s in the parking lot like we are…

Little Creek Casino RV Park

…despite there being room in the RV Park.

Little Creek Casino Parking Lot Camping     Little Creek Casino Parking Lot Camping

If it wasn’t so darn hot, I think we would not mind the crowded lot…what you see above is the back of the lot, back by the RV park, which is where the parking lot campers seem to hang out.
Little Creek Casino Parking Lot Camping

I did have to un-hook the HHR, so we are taking up three spots…not that they will be needed.  We arrived around 6 pm, and the parking lot is thinning a bit with one motorhome leaving…which had it left 45 minutes earlier we could have parked along the side of the lot and not un-hooked.

Little Creek Casino totem pole

Bubba is begging me to take him over to this totem pole.  I don’t know why because I have only seen him raise his leg less than ten times.

We drove 400 miles today, leaving the hospital RV park at 5:30 am (way early for us), stopping at a Rest Area near Tumwater for a few hours before finishing up the last 40 miles or so.  Other than the traffic in Portland, due a lot to a protest by the Sierra Club against Shell where "kayaktivists" are blocking a repaired Shell Oil icebreaker from leaving town, and today were joined by Greenpeace activists who rappelled down the St. Johns Bridge.


I think there were many more cars on the road trying to “get a view”, and the radio said that morning rush hour was at a crawl due to the gawkers.  As it is, all went well with us.  Tomorrow we plan to leave around 7:30 and head to the Heart of the Hills Campground in Olympic National Park and see if we can grab a spot for the weekend.  This is a first come, first serve 100+ camping spots park.  On Sunday we will get into a RV park near Port Angeles so that we can go over to Canada on Monday or Tuesday.

Marcia update:  Doing much better today…still having some issues but eating the right foods for a person with Diverticulitis, along with taking two antibiotics, is helping a lot.

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