Monday, July 27, 2015

Trip to Washington-Oregon Begins—Rolling Hills Casino

Rolling Hills Casino RV Park

We left Sandy and Arny’s house by 4:20.  After filling up at Sam’s Club, and getting through the Sunday afternoon traffic, we were on I-5 and past the airport by 5:15.  Not knowing if we were going to splurge for the $28 for full-hookups, or just park in the large truck parking lot, we did stop at the rest area just north of Willows to dump our tanks.

Rolling Hills Casino RV Park

We checked into the Rolling Hills Casino RV Park at 7:30, with temps just above 90 degrees…which was the deciding factor for spending some $$$$ for A/C.  The RV park is nice, but has no WiFi and no Cable…but VERY long and wide pads, and you don’t have to worry about someone pulling in while you pull out along the same road, which are nice wide roads too.  And they do have plants to cushion between each site, and YOU pay and pick your own site.

Rolling Hills Casino Truck Parking    Rolling Hills Casino Truck Parking

In front of the RV park is a large truck parking lot, which they do allow RV’s to boondock on for a day or two.  Most of the trucks park close to the casino and to the showers, so if you park to the south, you can get away from the noise.

Rolling Hills Casino

At 8:00 we went to the casino for dinner.  I guess they are not in a hurry at casinos, because we didn’t get out of there until after 9:30.  We were please, however, that there was little smoke…we have encountered a few casinos where the smoke was so thick we just couldn’t take it.

Rolling Hills Casino

So if you are ever headed down or up I-5, and it is late, and you are near Corning, I think you would like a one-nighter at Rolling Hills Casino.

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