Monday, November 3, 2014

Some Krazy Ads To Annoy


Yes, I am talking dirty tonight, in more ways than one.  Talking P O L I T I C S, (People Offering Lies Increasing Their Individual Cash Status)  

We first ran into it this year when we hit Colorado.  Got set-up at the RV park near Mesa Verde National Park, turned on and programed the television to get local channels, and S K A T A ! (Some Krazy Ads To Annoy)
Even before we got out of Colorado, we were seeing New Mexico “S K A T A” too.  The move to Albuquerque area just made that matter worse.
Then we had a long drive through Kansas, staying there for two nights in two different parts of the state.  On the eastern side of the state, we had cable TV, but that only made the ads worse, more stations to watch, more ads to try and avoid, more S K A T A !
While in Missouri the ads let up a little, and we were busy with mom and dad and my son and we did not see as much TV.
Then we got to Arkansas, my home state for 22+ years…perhaps sanity would prevail?  No, it got worse.  Even more than Kansas, the race for Governor and for Senate just never ended…..Double S K A T A ! !

LouisianaFlag     MississippiFlag
Had a reprieve in Louisiana, where we did not stop, just drove through, Mississippi, where there is no heated race that we know of, and Alabama, where again, we drove through and did not stop.
And then finally H O M E, (Hell On My Eyes-ears), who would have known?  For over a week we have had months worth of Charlie and Rick pointing fingers, telling lies, spending millions and millions and millions…the S K A T A pile was high, deep, and smelly!!!!!
So on Friday, as part of our many items on our to-do-list for the week, we did early voting.  Thank goodness it was a short ballot, a short ballot is like air freshener …. the smell of S K A T A is easier to take.
Note:  Hope this post does not offend anyone, we really do Love this country -- but frankly, after all the pretty places we have seen, the people we have met, the things we have done, having to deal with this years stinky political campaigns has been like dealing with a major Black Tank breakage. I know by the end of Tuesday it will all be over…except it won't be cleaned up, and the smell will stick around for a long, long time.


  1. Amen! to all of it! especially your last paragraph! Agree whole heartedly! :D

  2. Welcome to our blog Cindy, nice to see another "dog traveler" out there. Good luck with your travels....we all just need to find a nice open spot where a slight wind will blow the stink

  3. The worst is that starting Wednesday, we'll probably see propaganda for the presidential election in two years.

    1. Exactly why I said "except it won't be cleaned up, and the smell will stick around for a long, long time." Just the price we have to pay....


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