Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Third Sinkhole Nearby, Heavy Rain, Quick Trip on Tap


Over the weekend a third sinkhole opened up around 1,000 feet to our east.  This red car was park where these people always seem to have a car parked, they heard a “whoosh” and went outside to find their car in a hole.  The called a tow truck which quickly got it out.  


By the evening, the hole grew a bit, and stick was lowered into it, broke through the upper crust and went down six feet.  No water, a dry hole which may or may not collapse all the way through before being fixed.  This is about 1,100 feet from where they were pumping water, and is between the pumping site and a large pond which sometimes has water in it, and sometimes does not.   Are they all connected?   I think so, the county still insists that the pumping is unrelated to all this.  Ya, right.


On Monday we got hit by the huge storm which swept across much of the nation the past few days.  Around 2 pm the heavens opened, the water fell for 30-45 minutes as hard as I have ever seen (which means I have seen this before, even driven through it more than once in a car.)  Then it let up and just rained for another few hours, then off and on through the night.  Awoke to a very large KaBOOM this morning and then it was over.


Now it is cold, and will be for another day or two.   I say that while wearing short pants, sleeveless shirt, and no socks on.  This is one of those days when I see people in jackets, sweaters, even winter coats while I run around in shorts.  Sometimes I stop and ask myself, “Is t cold?”  The majority of the time the answer is “NO”.  Mom says, and frankly I remember, that after church on Sunday during the winter time in Sacramento they would come out to the car finding us kids waiting for them and she would be lucky if I still had a shirt on.  (Hated button up shirts then, and now.)


We are headed over to the east coast for a couple of days to spend some time with Marcia’s brother Dean and wife Carol.  We always enjoy our visits there, hook the motorhome up to their 20 amp outlet and that gives us all we need since we are typically in the motorhome only for sleeping while there.  We were going to head out on Wednesday after church and stop at our favorite rest area, but with temps expected in the low 40’s at night we figured leaving Thursday and fighting the morning traffic was going to have to do.


  1. Boy, makes you almost afraid to walk anywhere or park your car. Be careful down there:)

  2. Well, one can worry and worry about it, or one can live life...we choose to live....just hoping that choice does not include a big ole hole. lol


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