Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yep, Another B-Day, Sinkhole Cover-up


Another step closer to Social Security and Medicare….YIKES!

Sinkhole1   Sinkhole2

As for the sinkholes …. the two sinkholes in the trailer park were filled in, or covered up depending upon how you look on it, on Friday and Saturday.  That’s good news as long as they don't collapse again.  The largest sinkhole was 17 feet deep … only eight feet deep when it first opened.  And the bad news, “There's more sinkholes here ….. there are three potential problematic sub-surface areas in the vicinity of the sinkhole.”  That according to the engineers working on the project.  YIKES!!!!!!  The other sinkhole, the one in the front yard of a house just east of us, has not been touched yet, and has not grown in size.  Still no word on when work will start again on the sewer upgrade along our main entry road.


Made it back to the condo Saturday around 2:30, got the motorhome unloaded and tucked neatly back in its parking place at the storage area, and I made it back to the condo by 4:00.  We attempted to grab a bite to eat at a Chili’s in Port Richey, but that did not work out so we came home ….. stopping at the local Publix Grocery Store and picking up some Ribs (already cooked), some Taters and Veggies and I cooked us up a nice quick meal.  No need it going into what was wrong, we just won’t go to that Chili’s again for a long time.


After church we ate at “The Lucky Dill”, one of our two Sunday morning favorite restaurants.  We always have a nice meal, the staff is very friendly, and we don’t have to wait for a table….at least not this time of the year.  As more and more snowbirds come down south, and as more and more of them find Lucky Dill, business will build to where in January we will have a short wait. Now though, it is very comfortable.

1b    1c

We find the interior atmosphere is real comfortable, except when they are real busy in which case it can be loud if you are in the main eating area….quieter if you are in one of the back rooms. They also have outside seating…..and I almost forgot….a bakery which will put pounds on your hips just walking by it.  I did walk by it today, but decided not to partake…now I need to walk off them pounds for just looking at them.  YUM YUM YUM


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