Friday, November 14, 2014

Tow Car Anyone??? Bet it’s a Real Bargain!


Yep, they got the car out of the sinkhole!  

So if anyone wants a car which has been towed before, here you go…..doubt it will run, and it has only been towed “into the air”, but I’ll bet it is real, real cheep.  


And yes, another sinkhole opened up today….but this one is three miles away, is only 5 feet wide, and maybe two feet in depth.  It is right along the gulf, and most feel that this one is a true “depression”, and not a true sinkhole.  In some places they would say, “Just a big pot hole”


Even the nightly news picked up on the fact that since the construction stopped on the sewer system which runs between the condos we live in and the trailer park, no more sinkholes have developed.  Now the question is, “how are they going to finish this sewer system upgrade without causing more sinkholes?”


  1. You certainly have had some excitement there.

    1. To be fair, I did not go over to see the car being pulled out, I should have made that clear in the post. We do hear the 2-3 helicopters hoovering overhead, which is a bit irritating, but nothing we are not willing to live with compared to these people who are kicked out of their homes.


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