Friday, November 21, 2014

Visiting Relatives, Lake Mary Florida


Here we are tucked into the back of Marcia’s brother’s driveway, hooked into a 15 amp plug, which is plenty to keep the RV powered for our minimal use while we are visiting here for two nights.


As you can see, the driveway is very deep, we are well back from the road, and the community they live in is like one large circle, so there is minimal traffic anyway.  We did not bring our car for the first time, and that has worked out well.  


Yesterday when we arrived we quickly went over to the Istanbul Turkish Cuisine restaurant, and it was pretty good.  I had Turkish Sausage Pide (Sucuklu), which the menus says is a thick dough crust stuffed wth Turkish style sausage, topped with tomatoes and green peppers.  It was a lot like a Turkish Pizza, and was real good.  Marcia had the Lamb Shank, while her brother Dean had a Kebob and his wife Carol had another dish that I can’t remember the name of.  Let’s just say that we were all full until we had a light dinner of tacos that night that Carol whipped up.


For a late breakfast, early lunch we went over to Winter Park and at at "keke’s Breakfast Café".  This was real good too.

3a     3b

I had an omelet, while Marcia had Pumpkin Pancakes with a side of fruit and scrambled eggs.  The pancakes were huge, and I just had to help her eat about 1/3 of one of them….and she forced herself through the rest of it.  Dean had three of these pancakes, brought two home, while Carol had a Panini which she said was real good.  Our waitress, Stephanie, was very nice and attentive, and has a lovely name…reminded me a bit of my Stephanie who use to wait on tables herself, following the footsteps of her mother.

4a    4b

As you can see, the dogs have had it real tuff around here….although Bubba gave us another one of his yearly, or twice a year, scares.   When we arrived yesterday I put them in the lanai patio, and Marcia went in the house with Carol while I got the electricity hooked up while talking to Dean.  Marcia let the dogs into the house through the patio door….and Bubba went right out the open garage door, and out the garage, and Dean and I did not even see him do this.  In a bit Marcia starts calling Bubba, then calls me, and very quick we realize that Bubba Boy has escaped again!  Problem is, we had NO IDEA which way he went.  Within ten minutes as I was down the street a bit calling for him, after trying just about every directional side of the house first, I turn around and see him trot along the front of the house, and into the garage.  I walk into the garage and say, “What are you doing boy?  Did you have a nice walk around the back??”  He just looked at me like he was very thirsty, and we went into the house and calmed everyone down.  At least when he does jam, he comes back quicker now days.


For dinner Dean barbequed up a few pork loins, and their two very grown sons and two grand-kids, one of whom is nearly adult herself, joined us all for a great dinner.  It has been a wonderful visit, and tomorrow morning we head back for home to the sinkholes.  What another wonderful visit it has been.


  1. I realize you didn't post today, but today... Nov. 23rd, is your birthday, Dave. Happy Birthday! I pray God has blessed you on this, your special day...

    1. Surprise, posted one just a few minutes ago. You have a wonderful birthday yourself tomorrow.


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