Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not A Virgin Anymore

Nope, nothing to do with Virgin Airlines…..I don’t fly anymore, haven’t for well over a decade now.  Certainly wouldn't be interested in getting up above the atmosphere, that's for sure.


Nope, not talk about the Virgin Mary either, that would be a bit sacrilegious.  


Nope, has nothing to do with love or with animals, and I surely don’t mean that in any kinky way either.

Ok, I guess you are all done guessing, so here it is.   After nearly 6 decades, I have finally installed.....


... my FIRST garbage disposal!!!!   


Had I of known it was going to be that easy, I would have blown up the old one a long time ago!  First, it was VERY LOUD.  Second, it was VERY OLD.  Third, it JAMMED UP over and over again.  This one is so quiet, due to its newness I’m sure, that I wondered if I really had it on when I flipped the switch.  The hardest part was that the second sink also had a bad drain connection, and I had to go out to Home Depot in this pouring rain we are experiencing.  

Get back into the car from Home Depot and the check engine light is now on.  GRRRRRR!  (that will take a much larger stick of dynamite than the old disposal would have taken.)


  1. You had me wondering there. Happy thanksgiving to you and Marcia.

    1. Yep, thought it would get a little attention....but to be honest, I was so worried about doing the disposal until I read the directions and it seemed so easy, and it was.


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