Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Day Gone To The Cows, Football Gone To The ….


While most people are feeling stuffed from turkey….


Some of us are stuffed from beef.  


There it is….Loin Roast (cooked perfect just like we like it, medium rare, even the end piece was medium rare that you see on my plate), Greek Potatoes, Asparagus, Beats and Sweets (Sweet Potato, Beats, Onions and Parsnips), Cranberry Conserve and a Marshmallow Salad that my family named after me, David’s Salad.


Marcia’s dish on the left, my dish on the right… you know WHY they named it after me.  Not after Patti, my sister, after ME!  (With me not living in Sacramento Area anymore, Patti has tried, unsuccessfully, to hijack the name of MY SALAD.)

The BEARS lost….didn’t make Marcia very happy.


The NINERS lost….didn’t make me very happy.


And remember that Garbage Disposal I put in…well, I missed one little step.  Forgot to knock out the Dishwasher Plug to allow for the dishwasher to drain.  At leas I was able to knock it out and pull out the plug that got knocked out without taking it apart.  Dishwasher did not drain, dishwasher had a small leak which we are hoping won’t show up again….if it does I’ll just have to hunt it down and fix it.  At least the disposal and the pipes under the sink are drip free.  Smile     


I almost forgot…..a fourth sinkhole has opened up, right in the area they thought one was going to open up at, near the first sinkhole.  So far this has been much smaller than the first, about the size of the second one, and they expect a few more to open, unless they open them first to fill them in.


  1. Yummy! Sure looks like it was a wonderful meal:)

    The Eagles won so some of us were happy:)


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