Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me…I Mean SKRUFFY


Skruffy and I have been together for FIVE years now!  As many of you know, she is a rescue dog, found in a Construction Business yard living under dump trucks and tractors right across the street from a Veterinarians office.  She was first spotted by my Assistant Director in early to mid October, and when she talked to workers at the Construction Business they said she had been around for a few weeks, would not go near anyone.  She told them to call her if they ever caught her, and she checked on her nearly every day and fed her over the weekends.  Sometime in late October I got a call at the Library  “Looking for that “Library Lady” who wanted the dog living under construction equipment…”, and the rest is now history.  Above is Skruffy just a day or two after I got her.  I would pull this chair up next to my desk and she would sit there for hours while I worked.  She came to the Library with me every day…until Marcia and Bubba came into our lives, and even then she came to the Library nearly every day.


After retirement and traveling became the norm in our lives, she still liked to sit by me and “help”.  Just last night she came up and set her nose right on my computer….right on he “on/off” switch.  Yep, about 5 seconds later, no power to the laptop.  I think she was just trying to remind me that it was her birthday..but it took the email reminder from the Vet’s office this morning to remind us “people”….isn’t that nice of the Vet’s office to send a birthday email to Skruffy?


Skruffy has been at the forefront of many of our pictures, including this Yosemite shot of Nevada and Vernal falls.  Bubba would not just “sit there”, he would let his nose take over his life and jump off and run smelling anything and everything he can smell.  (Although he is not as likely to run nearly as much as he use to.)


So here she is this morning “hiding” her morning treat from me that she is eating.  


Last time we were at Sam’s Club (in Albuquerque), they did not have our normal Dentastix, but they did have “Minties”.  Both Bubba and Skruffy love them, but they love Dentastix too.  I normally break them in half and give each of them a half, but Marcia felt Skruffy deserved a full one this morning.

2b     2c

When it is gone, she eagerly jumps up and cleans her teeth and gums with her tongue, which takes a bit of time.  Then she lays down her head down and takes her morning snooze…..


…but not until she gives me one her “I love you dad….” looks.  


Happy Birthday Skruffy….but I still can’t help feeling that I am the one who got the “Birthday Present” five years ago…  


p.s.   you don’t look nearly as scruffy as you did back then, but you ain’t getting a name change, you’ll always be my little “Skruffy Girl”


  1. After her harrowing experience, I bet she never lets you out of her sight. I wonder how old she really is. I guess quite a bit more than 5 with that white beard. Happy birthday, Skruffy.

    1. On her initial visit the vet felt that she was under 2 years old. She had one recent liter, and my guess was that they "family" decided to keep a puppy and not the mommy, dropped her off at the Vet's door across the street from construction company thinking she would just "wait" until the Vet showed up. Well, she went for cover instead. Also, she did have heart worms, but a mild case, and the Vet I used took care of them, and made sure there would be no more liters....for a bunch of $$$$$ of course.

  2. What a wonderful story! I hope she has a very long and happy life with you.

    1. Thank you. I feel that I am one lucky guy, first Skruffy came into my life and then Marcia and Bubba came into my life! On top of that, we get to travel! wow!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Scruffy and you! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Oops... I should have added... and to you! Blessings...

    2. Oh, it is Skruffy's, I'm just the one who got the present when I got her!


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