Monday, October 6, 2014

Laundry Day, Camping World “$tuff”

Never a fun thing to do, but this morning we loaded up all the laundry and headed over to the closest Laundromat.  Lucky for us, the Laundromat is nearly within a stones throw of the RV park, along with a gas station, mini market, and a few other things in the strip mall.  Unfortunately, it was not very clean, but our clothes came out clean so that is what counts.  I have seen worse Laundromats, Marcia has not.

We needed a few things from Camping World….got out of there for just over $120.00, and another year of Good Sam membership for free.  Why for free, don’t have any idea…he just said, “You want a free year of Good Sam Membership?”, and I nodded my head. Better not have any strings attached!  Even after 7 months, we are still replacing a few things that burned in our last motorhome in the storage fire (click here to read about that, and be sure to see this one too).  Got two refrigerator bars to help hold things in place so when we open the door things don’t come out on us, needed a new outdoor porch light, got another hose, this one lays flat when there is no water in it so it takes up less room, a bar to go across the screen door so Marcia can shut the door from inside easier, and her big find was….

…this Collapsible Salad Spinner which will take up less space than the one we brought from home (and will leave at home from now on!).  Oh, and I nearly forgot….the ONE item we went there for….

….a new sewer cap since some un-named male member of our team forgot to put the cover on when we left Mesa Verde….by the time we got here, the only thing left was that little screw cap and the plastic rope connected to the motorhome.

The hardest thing was to put that darn porch light on….not because it was hard, but because I don’t have a ladder.  I finally got the GoGo out and stood on the seat, which almost got me high enough.  I did get it on, but it will need to be worked on when we get home because I did not have enough wire to put in on the right side up, or right side down, well, up is down and down is up, but it gives me light for when the four legged friends need out at night which happens more and more often now that night comes earlier, and day comes later. 


We are at Cochiti Lake, and just a few miles away is the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.   So before we leave, we are going to visit this place again…I say again because we did drive up to it on our way to Greek dinner on Sunday and found out that Marcia would need to wait in the car because the trail is very sandy.  One more day here, and I’ll bet that I will be sore when we pull out of here headed closer to Arkansas.

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