Friday, October 3, 2014

Cochiti Lake – COE


We drove the 250+ miles from Mesa Verde to Cochiti Lake in New Mexico.  Cochiti Lake is a Corp of Engineer park, $20 per night for water and electric, $10 with senior pass.  Click here for Reservations.  You will want spot 51 or 53, the only two spots that look out over the Rio Grande River and the gorge it runs through before it enters Cochiti Lake.  However, there are other sites which allow you to see the lake….


…or the mountains to the north…


…or like us, a view to the east which includes a little of the lake, the hills, and best of all..NO Neighbors!


Because we did not make reservations, we are in the “older” portion of the park..which also the quieter portion….but it means that the water and the electrical boxes are far away, up to 100 feet for the water.  We have one hose, and I am convinced now that we need another “just in case” because we just made it.  And did I say that the best thing is “No Neighbors”?  Well, this picture above gives you a hint of what is really the best… you see it????


Yes, there it is just above our TV antenna….it is a VERIZON Cell Tower….right there!!!!  4G, 5 bars, blazing at 25+mbps!


I use when I test my connection, and above you can see the results.  We are not going to complain about our Internet, nor the TV, which came up with around 50 over-the-air channels.

2a    2b
2c    2d

The ride over was anticlimactic after yesterday’s drive of one of America’s most scenic roads, right after a snow, with full fall colors going.  Above are a few of the interesting rock formations that Marcia got pictures of, except for the first one which is Angel Peak, and I got that one out my window.  Tomorrow is suppose to be a prime Balloon Day in Albuquerque, so the question is, are we going to get up that early for it or not.  Open-mouthed smile


  1. Check out tent rocks while you're there,awesome place!

    1. Also,You can stay right there and enjoy the ballons from your campsite.


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