Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weather Delay


No trip to the high country today, no trip to Mesa Verde (above), just became a do nothing type of day.


To the north is looked even worse than to the south.


Wanted to go to Tellurde and then around to Ouray, down to Silverton, Durango and back.  


Well, it was snowing at Telluride, there was a winter weather advisory out for Telluride and Ouray, and that trip will have to wait till Thursday, weather permitting.  Also coming up with alternative plans to get to Kansas/Missouri/Arkansas….might be heading south before heading eastward.  That would take us close to the Hot Air Balloon Festival, get close to Albuquerque and we can see them on a day trip…hmmm.


  1. Yes, there is more snow in the air for sure!! We saw snow on all the mountains as as moved from Missoula to Dillon, MT. The rain the last two days was all snow in the mountains in MT. is suppose to warm for the next week. Hopefully, you will be able to make your trip

    1. We can always dodge it to the south, which makes the balloons in Albuquerque looking better and better...found a place about 40 miles outside of town that might just be the best move.

  2. Oh boy, dodging snow. Good thing there is a southern route. Balloon sightings sound cool!

    1. Yes, leaning towards going near Albuquerque, but will make our decision Thursday. Winter does seem to be coming early this year.


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