Thursday, October 16, 2014

Petit Jean Mountain


We are back at Petit Jean Mountain, northwest of Little Rock by 70 miles, 50 miles by the way the crow flies.  Forgot that October weekends are real busy here at the park, so we are in the overflow camping area.  Electric, Water, and so far, peace and quiet.


Much of the camping is along 100-acre Lake Bailey, a fishing and pedal-boat speed boats, no jet ski action, nice and quiet lake....YES.


We could have fit nicely between these various RVs, with a rear view of the lake.  Well, our rear window is our bedroom, and …


… we would rather be out alone on the field than near all these folks.


Skruffy was probably having flash-backs of our life in Pine Bluff, where we had daily visits from the Geese, and saw them as we exited the park on the way to work, and again as we entered the park unless it was night time, which it typically was.  She heard the unmistaken “HONK” of these three geese, especially the far one, but he also heard the barking of a dog in the big camping area to the left, just out of sight.


The geese had enough of Skruffy and her bark, and they took off to the left.  This is our second visit to Petit Jean State Park in a RV, I have been here more times than I can count.  If you are ever in the area, it is a nice place for a few days to relax, do some hiking (around ten different trails from short to up to 12 miles long, easy to strenuous), and there are many park ranger activities to partake in.  We look forward to some peace and quiet, and I am sure we will take a drive around the park to see some of the sights.  Doubt I will hike down to the bottom of the waterfall, have done that twice in the past, although my doctor, who I see on Tuesday, would probably like to see me do that.  Getting down is a piece of cake…and I don’t wish to sleep down there or have rangers bring me out!  Winking smile


  1. Nice place to call home for a few days! Looks very quiet and peaceful!

    1. Yes, and I hope it stays peaceful with all the folks coming in Friday for the weekend! Having lived in Arkansas, I know there are a number of nice places to see, and Petit Jean is just one of them. The Buffalo River area, especially in the spring, is wonderful for Kayaking, along with a few other rivers. Northwest Arkansas is full of neat places. But Petit Jean is definitely one of my favorites.


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