Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bye Bye Arkansas

Tomorrow morning we head out of Little Rock, into Mississippi, and down south.  Lived in this state from January 1st, 1991 until my retirement in 2012, nearly 22 years.  When we first moved here, my youngest was 3 months old.  My children's mother got her teaching degree by the time he was in 6th grade, and she is still a very successful teacher in White Hall, a community close to Pine Bluff.  When we first moved here the local PBS station shut down every night, or was it just Sunday night, and they played this song above.  It really does tell how Arkansas "grows" on you. 

While here, we had a very enjoyable meal with our dear friends, Jana and Mike at Applebee's.  I think we were there for over three hours, and we wish we could have stayed another three hours visiting.  There will be a next time, that's for sure.

Saw my doctor today, and although my high blood pressure is coming down, he changed out one medication and encouraged me to loose more weight.  In the past year and a half since I last saw him, he said my weight had not changed....guess I need to do more of those hikes that I pass up from time to time. I asked him if I should wait until the results of the blood tests, and he assured me that I should head on out, and he would call me with the results in a few days.

On our way back to the motorhome, we just had to stop at Corky's, my favorite BBQ place in Little Rock.  We had a late lunch, early dinner, an got a rack for the road for tomorrow's dinner.  You can now buy Corky's BBQ in some grocery stores, and if you order off their website, they can deliver just about anywhere pretty fast since the headquarter location is in Memphis where FedEx has its headquarters.  

Above is picture from the Internet (public use ok) of the Buffalo River.  There is so much beauty in Arkansas, and yet it is overlooked because what many first see is the flat, cotton and soy bean fields between Memphis and Little Rock.  When you live here for awhile, it really does, as the song say, "Runs deep in me...."  For us, we are signing off from Arkansas until our return visit next year.


  1. I found it quite funny that right after you wrote about the doctor, high blood pressure, and losing weight, you wrote about Corky's BBQ. Something's wrong with this picture. Now you have double the workout today to burn up ribs and salt:) Good luck! I'll be expecting an update in your next post...haha!! Seriously, I, also, suffered from high blood pressure. I was amazed what hiking did for bring down my blood pressure and weight. Now down 35 pounds, cutting out salt and eating out infrequently, I now have lower than normal blood pressure. I didn't realize what the high blood pressure was doing to the end of my life. Please take care:) Marcia and the dogs need you:)

    Travel safely as you move east.

    1. Yep, I thought about that too....but you have to get REAL Corky's when you can get them...the ones in the stores are good, but not as good as they are in the restaurants. Looks like I am going to have to do a lot of walking over the winter and beyond. At least my knees seem to handle it better now than it did a few years ago, so things are getting better. As for the BP, when I went to the Doctor in 2011 after not really having my own doctor, he was surprised that my only problem ended up being high BP. My cholesterol was around 125. All other test showed good except high BP and high weight. Have lost 50-60 since fall of 2010, but it just leveled out higher than either he or I like.

    2. I didn't mean to lecture but I did find it so funny that you followed the doctor visit about BP and weight with a BBQ trip:) Keep up the good work you have been doing:)


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