Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maumelle Park, COE


We took our time leaving Petit Jean this morning, after having a nice conversation with a Class B Van Owner who was our only neighbor (Saturday night) the entire time we were there.  He is from Lubbock Texas, where he recently retired from a College Library where he was the Director.  Small world, two former Library Directors parking right next to each other.  We stopped off at a Kroger, just 3 miles from Maumelle Park, and pulled in and set up at the park by 1 pm.  Maumelle Park is a Corp of Engineer Park, part of the Arkansas River - Murray Lock and Dam, across the river (Arkansas River) from the town of Maumelle, just outside of the Little Rock City Limits on the west-side of town.  There is also a Super Walmart about 4 miles away, along with numerous restaurants and businesses along Arkansas Highway 10.  I can remember this stretch of Highway 10 being essentially null of any businesses just 10-15 years ago.  Thank goodness the park is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.


Maumelle Park typically gets real good reviews, and with sites like this one, you can see why.


But the non-water sites can be real nice too.  This is a good “pair them up” location, where two RV’s sit close together along a shared driveway with the next nearest neighbor a good distance away.


As I was driving around I found this to be my favorite RV in the park…a loyal Arkansas Hog fan who came in for the weekend.  Normally when the Hogs are at home they play in Fayetteville, but they also play a game or two in Little Rock (although that is probably going to end soon).  This happened to be one of the weekends for this, which was another reason to stay in Petit Jean until Sunday.


All the sites are not as deep as this one, but many are, and most have lots and lots of parking space even if you are driving a 45’ motorhome.  


This is one of the upper campground areas, Area F, with hardly another camper in sight.  There were three or four spots up here which are fairly isolated, especially site 12 and 13. 


I am going to keep this in mind with the hope that I never need to use it.  There are around 10 sites which have sewer and are for long-term medical use.  My primary doctor is at UAMS, and I would easily qualify for this “if” ever needed….let’s hope it is never needed.  There was a guy pulling in just after I pulled in right across from us at site M-08.  He looked like he was missing a sewer connection hose, so I asked if he wanted to borrow ours until we left….but he said that he was headed back home and they were coming back on Tuesday…his little 3 year old just had her second brain tumor removed in the past six months, and now needs to go through chemo and radiation.  He has a trailer that he bought for “Deer Hunting”, but it has now turned into a “Dear Healing” trailer….we sure wish them the best.


Oh boy, guess what’s running all over this park!


“Skruffy, look at ALL this grass!  It reminds me of another place far, far away...a place full of Squirrels.”    “Yes Bubba, and I’ll tell you what, let’s race over to that Island over there….I’ll give you a good lead, and I promise to follow!”  "Hey, just because my name is Bubba, does not mean that I am stupid."


“If I just stare long enough, maybe Uncle Arny will show up and give me a treat!”  All this grass makes me miss my "home away from home."


Look, just before we get to back in, Dad always takes our leashes off…..maybe we should run that way and I’ll bet you we eventually will get to Arny and Sandy’s house.”


As the sun sets to the west, the east shows its colors.


Life sure is precious….


  1. I've never seen a park with Extended Stay Sites. What a wonderful idea for those in need.

    Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. I've never seen a COE park I didn't like and this one looks especially nice. Great idea about the extended stay medical sites. That poor family.

    1. He sure is a nice man, a police officer from a small Arkansas City. We sure hope the best for them all.


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