Sunday, November 16, 2014

Always A Good Day When You Beat LSU

Kicking Out 763 days of SEC Loss with a Golden Boot
Kicking Out 763 days of SEC Loss with a Golden Boot Sign held by Kate, Ryan and Zach

That is my youngest son Ryan (far right), his girlfriend Kate (left) with Ryan’s friend Zach (middle) after tonight’s Arkansas upset of number 17 LSU.  Arkansas “had” to change thier head coach after the previous “un-named” head coach got caught with his, ummmm, we will say “hand in the cookie jar” after he got in a “wreck” on a motorcycle with the “cookie” on the back….although rumor is that the “cookie’s boyfriend” actually beat the living daylights out of him.  Anyway, I am digressing, but this history is needed to make the story tonight.  Now here we are with nearly full two seasons with head coach Bret Bielema, who came from Wisconsin where he was head coach for six very successful years. He has done good at Arkansas, which has fallen hard after the mess with the “lying cookie monster”, but Bret had been unable to win an SEC Game (Southeastern Conference, the best and toughest conference in College Football)…until TONIGHT!   The team had nearly beaten three ranked SEC teams, Mississippi State, Alabama and Georgia earlier this year.  The other two SEC games, Texas A&M and Auburn, were sound defeats, but had good moments. Tonight, not only did they BEAT LSU, they SHUT THEM OUT, 17-0!!!!!!


So what is with the “gold” in the sign?  That is the state of Arkansas and the state of Louisiana , and as you can see, they form a “boot”, hence, the “Golden Boot”.


Here is the real boot right before the game tonight, a real nice trophy that the winning team get to keep for one year until they play again.

boot2    boot1

Here is the boot right after Arkansas re-claims it after four long, hard years.


Not that anyone cares about winning….well…when you are in the SEC, football, basketball, baseball, track…. they are all important, but nothing is more important than football.


And when you beat a team that you have played for over 50 times in the last 100 years, winning is very sweet, as you can see.

If you want to hear their fight song, click here.

If you want to see a very short video about “calling the hogs”, click here.

(See, I don’t like embedded stuff in websites very much myself….last time I thought you might want to see the car get lifted out of the sinkhole, but this time I doubt very many want to take the minute or two to see more about the HOGS…..but I do know there are some diehards out there…at least three….my three kids!)


After all, there are some images a father can never forget….love you son….you make me VERY PROUD in SO many ways…..  (that’s my oldest son Michael at a Arkansas Cal-Berkeley basketball game earlier this year. He is now in his final year of his masters program there….he was caught on the ESPN cameras, not his most flattering moment, but one I will never forget and will always treasure….)


And here is my daughter Stephanie (right) who posted Ryan’s picture on her Instagram page after she inserted her picture in it with them.  She said that ESPN had the sign and them on camera for a few seconds during the game.  She is one crazy girl who takes after both her mother and her father in so many ways…..she definitely has my sports loving genes.  Love ya girl…..


  1. What a blessing to have family like this!

  2. Congratulations on the win and your lovely children. What's wrong with embedding videos? You don't have to click on them. I didn't hear any hog calling. I was expecting 'soo-ee'.

    1. In my previous post I embedded one that automatically started up, which I don't like. Just did not wish to take the chance again s soon. On the hog call, they do the pig sooie at the end of it, but you can find lots of them by doing a search on Arkansas Hog Pig Sooie.....first time I was in a meeting where the coach came from the UofA (I think it was Danny Ford) and the people in the audience did the hog call, well, I thought I had moved to a different country! But you get use to it pretty fast.


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