Monday, March 21, 2016

Blowing Through Kansas

Driving Kansas Highway 54

One thing I really like about our motorhome, and our HHR, is that when you drive straight, in no wind, the steering wheel sits “right”, not at an angle like you see above.  Today, it drove at an angle for more than half the day.  Not because anything was busted, but because from Wichita to Liberal Kansas, where we are staying tonight, the cross wind was so strong that it took that angle to keep it on the road!  As trucks passed going the other way, I had to be careful that the motorhome didn't go into the oncoming lane because for a brief second, they block the wind.  From Peculiar to Wichita we had a head wind…got 7 mpg. 

Passport America

Tonight we are staying at a Passport America park in Liberal, Kansas.  It is your typical “older park” with many “older RV’s and mobile homes, along with a few nice ones.  But the price, $16, is right…includes electric, water, sewer, cable TV that works.  Since we are only here for a night, and our tanks were empty, I topped off our fresh water and put the hose away, so all we need to do is put electric and cable wires away, and off we go.  It is 6:30 central time, and a pleasant 75 degrees.  Tonight the low will be in the low 40’s, instead of mid 20’s like last night.  We have 600 miles to go tomorrow, then we will slow down our pace a bit from there to Sacramento.   I think tomorrow we “might” even have some pictures to share…so far we have been so busy fighting mother nature while driving.

Note:  As we packed up to leave this morning, Marcia realized that what we thought was taken out of the garbage can by Bubba the other day, was never in the garbage, but in a little garbage bin she has by her front now we both think that Skruffy was the culprit for both events, and poor Bubba probably was just an innocent onlooker.  However, we have cut the treats way down the past 48 hours since the little girl has been walking around with a full tummy, which seems to be better now.


  1. Yikes! You guys are moving right along!! Take care in the wind ... I hate it when trucks pass and suck you in!!

    1. Yes, don't know what I dislike more....wind, rain, snow, fog...but I do know that I hate driving in hail.


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