Sunday, March 27, 2016

Return the "Fenders”

 Fender's River Road Resort

Last year in mid-April we stayed in Needles California at Fender's River Road Resort.  Today, after watching church via the Internet, we were on the road by 9 am, and by the time we got to Winslow Arizona, I knew that Needles was within reach.  I called Fenders, and got what appears to be the last spot, and from this picture above from last year, we are close to the road, and barely fit without unhooking the tow vehicle.  Arriving at 5:30, which is 6:30 New Mexico time, we had a nice lamb chop dinner for Easter, with rice and peas.  Yum!!!

Fianal leg, Needles to Citrus Heights

Needles is 560 miles from our destination, which a bit more than the 520 miles we traveled today…but we are only going as far as Bakersfield where we like to stay before the final 250+ miles to Citrus Heights.  No early start, no late arrival…it will be an easy day if all goes well.  And if get there early enough, perhaps a trip next door to the California Fruit Depot might be in order!  Smile with tongue out  (Now my family in Citrus Heights are going to wish they saved me some of that “David’s Favorite Salad” they bragged about over the phone today.)


  1. You're clipping right along!! I'll wave as you go by!!! Safe travels and Happy Easter!!

    1. Hit wind in Barstow was tough going from there to the Orange Grove RV Park, that's for sure. We will honk as we drive by...


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