Monday, March 14, 2016

2 Days, Nearly Ready…Alaska Here We Come


Packing is SO MUCH FUN!!!!


I packed up the car over the weekend...the scooter, ladder and generator exhaust extension pipe all fit in the back, along with a few smaller things.  The middle area has the RV levelers, some dog treats and medicines, and eventually a small suitcase of extra clothes.  Today we packed much of the kitchen stuff into the RV, tomorrow it is clothing and bathroom stuff.  Wednesday it is the Refrigerator and anything else we need to take.


So much to take, so little room…but this year will be better than last year.  After owning our motorhome for two seasons, about 18 months by the time we got back home, we knew what we did not have to take, and added just a few items that we wanted to take.  

We have been working on our check list for a few weeks now.  Cleaned the carpet (well, got it as clean as it is going to get at this point…), cleaned the vents (don’t they always seem dirty?), and got rid of some of the unneeded “stuff”.


Changed the Oil in the HHR

Changed the Oil in the Motorhome

Changed the fuel filter in Motorhome

Checked all other fluids

Checked tire pressure, and tire pressure system.


My doctor appointment was in Arkansas back in
December.  Just got a refill on medications, and my next refill will be in Anchorage.

Marcia saw all of her doctors, I think it was five of them.  Today we fought with getting a drug filled which we last filled in December…and low and behold, Medicare decided not to include this drug anymore.  So we have a substitute, which is never fun to have to test to see if there will be side affects while you travel.

And yes, even got our taxes done … perfect quarterly payments this time because we over by only $22. 

As we loaded up some stuff today, and Marcia put her final touches on cleaning counter tops, drawers, sinks, etc., it really sank in that we leave in just two days.  We both are ready to go…but we both will miss our friends and family here in the Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs area of Florida.  Family and friends await our visit ahead of us, thousands of pictures to take, much to see.  And yes, we do plan to be back in seven months.

Travel Map

First, we have a few miles to travel …

PS: Got the dogs new collars…Alaska, here comes Bubba and Skruffy!!!!


  1. Looking forward to reading about your trip.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you. Once we leave I will be posting more often, except it will slow for the month we are in Sacramento. After that, it will be nearly every day...looking forward to it.

  2. Wahoo! Be safe and let the fun begin:) I just love your graphics!!!

    1. Saw you all met Al over in Congress...too bad his house sale fell through, but I am sure someone will snag it soon, looks like a good Snowbird home.

  3. I'm so very happy for you both! Enjoy! :D Blessings...

    1. Bless you Lynn...hope to meet lots of Canadians just like you.

  4. Yep, you will be traveling and getting away from all this. However, once you hit Canada and Alaska don't for one minute think you will have a clean rig ....inside or out! Oh well, will give you stuff to do when you get back to the lower 48. Enjoy!

    1. I know it will be a dusty, dirty trip...but well worth it.

  5. Be sure and get papers for the puppies. No problem getting OUT, it's getting back IN. AND your passports!! Everything else, you can buy on the road. That's one thing I learned quickly ... forget all that packing except for clothes and meds. Purchase what you need weekly, just like you do at home!! You're going to have a GREAT time ... can't wait to see the pics!!

    1. Papers are in the car, always have them, along with digital copies in Google storage and on computer hard drive. And same with passports although copy won't do much other than help get another one. We only load up on a few paper products, otherwise we generally have tens days of food max.

      That TOOT TOOT you will hear in twelve to fourteen days from now will be us driving down 99 passing through Atwater.

  6. Missed you last year when we went. Take an extra air filter @ fuel filter for rv, HHR and the generator. Fish ladder in White Horse is a good stop, Fas Gas in Haines Junction is a great overnight, Nice little store next to the gas station. Bakery in the food trailer, Wonderful. Cotton Wood RV park on Kulane Lake, best view ever and really nice owners, McDonald Camp ground on Muncho lake, (there is a turn around if they are full at the end of the entry, I did it in a 42ft with a Jeep towed) Toad RV and Yukon Discovery RV, wonderfull places to stop, we spent 2 days at each there coming and going. Stay away from Border City RV. Have fun. Richard

    1. Thanks for the tips Richard. Already carry extra filters, although air filter just gets cleaned, not changed on RV.


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