Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chillin’ in Missouri

Drove from Fort Smith to Peculiar Missouri.  Could have titled this “Blowing through Missouri” except we stopped in Missouri…but the wind was sure blowing hard all day. Instead it is “Chillin”, because the temps today in Peculiar, just south of Kansas City, was a high of 42, and a low forecast of 31.  Let’s see…we left Tarpon Springs on Wednesday and we had just had several days of low to mid 80’s, with lows in upper 60’s.  Cut those temps in half, and that’s what we got here in Missouri.

Picked up my youngest son Ryan at 6 pm, we headed over to Cheddar's (Cheddar's Casual Cafe) for dinner, but the wait was too long…so Ryan directed us over to an Italian Restaurant near his college, where we enjoyed another Italian Restaurant.

Got home and found that Bubba had got into the trash (had to be him because the can was not spilled over, just had something pulled out), and Skruffy had gotten into the final few pieces of Beggin' Strips (could not have been Bubba because he is too big to crawl back behind the chair where the bag was located). 

Tomorrow we have more family time, and perhaps I will remember to take some pictures…


  1. I'm happy you had a good time with your son, and understood which furry children did what... :) Blessings, Lynn

    1. Thank goodness the dogs didn't get into anything on Sunday!


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