Friday, March 25, 2016

Greek Food, Albuquerque Style


Two years ago when we were in Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival, we found that Albuquerque has a number of Greek Restaurants.  Today we decided to have a late lunch / early dinner at what Yelp considered to be the best “Greek” Restaurant (not Greek/Mediterranean which includes more than Greek food).  We have yet to find a restaurant that does Greek food as we find in Tarpon Springs, but Zorba’s was closer than many others that we have found.

Zorba's Inside

As we are about 2 miles away from the motorhome, I realize that I forgot the camera…so this one cell phone shot of the inside is all I have.  As you can see, we were nearly alone, which was fine with us.  Surprisingly we found that you order at the counter, far right above…then pick a table.  Why some Greek Restaurants do this is beyond us, especially here with such an extensive menu.  Marcia had Lamb Shank with Orzo, while I had the combination plate they called “Alexis Platter”, which had Moussaka, Spanakopita, Gyros and Dolmathes, and I had it served with Rice Pilaf.  We also had Saganaki, which is Kefalograviera Cheese panned fried and  flambĂ©ed (lit on fire) at the table (well, brought to the table already on fire), which was remarkably good.  We also shared a bowl of Avgolemono Soup, a Greek traditional chicken, rice, lemon and egg soup.  As usual, this was far from the soup that we were use to…perhaps a bit more lemon would help it get close, but Mama Maria’s in Tarpon still reigns in our book.  (And yes, we both brought food home for dinner later.)

RVs at Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post

Yesterday I said that the park was nearly half empty…but I spoke too soon.  By 7 pm our entire section, and other sections near us, were nearly full.  Lots of travelers seem to make it as far as Albuquerque in one days travel and stop…and many stop here probably because of the Passport America price of $17 (30 amp, I think 50 amp is $19).  I also noticed an unusual number of folks walking to or from the showers.  In the morning, by 10 am, the park drops down to nearly 50% full…just to fill up again.  Today it seemed to fill up a bit faster because around 2 pm the winds really kicked up again, and by the time we got back to the motorhome at 4, it was blowing so hard we brought the slide in for awhile to try and keep the rocking and rolling down a bit, and to stop the sound of the slide awning flapping in the wind.

Tomorrow is going to be laundry day…and since we did some shopping before going to Zorba’s today, we will probably just have a cleaning day in anticipation of leaving on Sunday.

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