Wednesday, March 16, 2016

250 Miles Down, 14,000+ To Go

We had a slight change of plans and hit the road at 3:30ish instead of after church at 8:30.  We actually watched church while driving…err…Marcia watched, I listened.  Lost the data connection a few times as we bounced from some cell towers, but for the most part it was on and good.

Arrived at a Flying J just west of Tallahassee, filled up, took the last RV parking space, ate a rare dinner inside of a Denny’s, and here it is 10:45 pm and I am posting our whereabouts.

Both of us are tired from the packing from the last few days, but that will subside real quick.  Planning on an early departure so that we can make Vicksburg tomorrow night.  Perhaps then I will include some pictures….


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rick and Kathy....and your motto "It's about time", which for readers who don't know is the title of your blog, really pertains to us since this is our third try to make Alaska. Now sitting at a rest area 100 miles east of Pensacola enjoying breakfast and all is going well.

    2. Well, finally, after so many months, here I am. Thank you for commenting about my first blog post after so long, Dave. I'm so far behind; where are you headed? I'll try to catch up some each day on all my RV friends and adventurers. Happy travels!

    3. MP- Headed to Alaska for the third time...this time we are going to make it!


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