Monday, August 3, 2015

The Elwha Dam RV Park

Elwha Dam R.V. Park

Getting ready for going to Butchart Gardens and I have the camera batteries and the GoGo Scooter batteries all charging, so you will have live with a few pictures from the web.  We are at Elwaha Dam RV Park, which bills itself as ‘The Best RV Park by a Dam Site'.  This is a family owned, family run park, and the best RV park in or around Port Angeles…not far from the Ferry, which is what we needed.

Elwha Dam in 2005 (from wikipedia)

In 1912 the first Elwha dam was completed. It blew out 13 days after the reservoir filled. The repair crew set off 16 tons of dynamite to blast 40,000 yards of rock to reinforce the 105 foot high dam. It was back in operation in 1914. 

Elwha Dam in 2013 (from wikipedia)

In 1992 congress authorized the purchase of the dam, along with the Glines Canyon Dam up stream, and the removal of the dams so that the river will run wild again, giving salmon a place to spawn.  Today, the dams have been removed, well, sort of…the river runs free, but the dam foundations on the side, and even a good portion of the Glines Canyon Dam still exist…but the river runs free, and salmon are indeed spawning.

sanitation station

So we made it for FIVE days without any hookups…ran the generator about 6 hours in total, and we were extremely happy to get into the RV park today and get the sewer line hooked up so that we could take a Sh….


(Shame on you all that thought something else…. Be right back  )

Tomorrow we leave the park before 6, get in line for the ferry which leaves at 8:15, and we will head through Victoria to Butchart Gardens.  After the gardens we will have time for a short auto tour before we get back in line for the ferry at 5:45 for a 7:30 sail.  It will be a long, but we hope a well worthwhile day.  On Wednesday we move on to another park, but only some 30 miles away.  I might not get another post done until Wednesday morning, unless I decide to work on it while waiting for the Ferry.


  1. Can't wait to see your pictures of the gardens. My friend bought a DVD of the gardens in all four seasons which was cool too.

    1. Got both cameras fully charged and ready to go! Taking my laptop so I can start processing the pictures while waiting for the ferry over in Victoria.


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