Sunday, August 16, 2015

Long Beach Area, Washington


We drove down to the Long Beach area, just above the Oregon boarder.  It was an uneventful, and not very picturesque drive of 92 miles.  We are at the Thousand Trails Long Beach RV Campground because I knew that fellow Blogger, Nancy Kissack who writes the Kissack Adventures blog that I read very faithfully, was camping here.  We lucked out and found a spot right behind her beautiful Tiffin Phaeton that she drives pulling her Jeep.  I have high admiration for these lone female RVers, although many times Nancy does team up with another RVer to do her travels with, along with traveling with her RV club, but she really does it all on her own.  If you look very closely in the picture above there is a person walking dogs on the left in the distance…that is Nancy…she travels with two dogs, a poodle named Cooper and a Jack Russell named Jessie.

Long Beach, Washington, Castaways Restaurant

Unfortunately she had plans for dinner, but that did not stop Marcia and I from going out.  We went to Castaways Seafood Grille, and it was good.  Marcia had Cioppino while I had Fried Clams and Fries.  We shared a bread bowl of Clam Chowder, and it was all very, very good.  After two big meals in the last two days, and having shared a plum, pear and nectarine for breakfast/lunch,  having a 4:30 dinner was just right for us today.  

Long Beach, Washington, Castaways Restaurant

And Castaways is a nice, fun little place….if you don’t believe me, ask that guy in the corner there…

Long Beach, Washington, Castaways Restaurant

All along the coast of Washington we have seen sites and heard tales of the sea…the importance it is to the Indian, to the fisherman, and to the economy.  Some areas the fishing has been hard, the rivers are dried up and people wonder how the Salmon will swim up stream.  Other areas we hear they are catching their limits…with the big Salmon run coming upon the area, we sure hope they get a bunch of rain after we get out of here.

Long Beach, Washington, Pacific Street

We will only be stopping one night from here on until we get to the Sacramento area.  We have traveled the Oregon Coast before, and we will enjoy it again…but it will be pretty fast.   Our next stop will be in Tillamook for a overnighter and a “cheese” stop (maybe Ice Cream too).  Planning on a stop in Newport for Tuesday, and we will be in Coos Bay by Wednesday…Thursday we head to I-5, and plan to be back in Sacramento by Saturday.


  1. I'm SO glad you stopped here!! It was great seeing you, Marcia and the puppies!! Safe travels my friends!!

    1. Thank you Nancy, it was great meeting you. I am sure our paths will cross again, hope next time is not so short.

  2. Replies
    1. It will be in the 90's, that's for sure...but we are missing today's 104 forecast. :)


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